This French Fry-Scented Soap From Del Taco Is The Side You Never Knew You Needed

Courtesy Of Del Taco

I've always been kind of a sucker for scented soaps. I could get lost in a Bath & Body Works for hours (I'm serious), and at this point, I'm probably able to name all of the signature scents at Lush #SorryNotSorry. Anyway, West Coast-based fast food chain Del Taco just totally revolutionized the world of cleansers with their new french fry-scented soap. Yes, you heard that correctly — it has a "light french fry smell," and it's literally blowing my mind RN. For real, though — Del Taco's Eau De French Fry Soap is just what my shower caddy needs.

If you live in California, you're most likely already already familiar with the delicious Mexican chain known as Del Taco — its moderately priced burritos, tacos, and (most importantly) delicious crinkle-cut fries are hard to beat. Recently, its famous fries actually placed third on Los Angeles Times' ranking of fast food french fries, which inspired the chain to create some celebratory suds, according to Del Taco. The result is the scented soap of my wildest dreams, which it has called Eau De French Fry Soap. It's just like its classic side dish, and comes in a fancy box so you'll feel like a kween... a french fry kween, that is.

Courtesy Of Del Taco

OK um, I definitely need this in my life. Birthday present, maybe?

Getting your hands on this fantastic toiletry product, however, isn't a total walk in the park. On Monday, March 11, at 11 a.m. PT, the brand posted about the soap on Instagram, and to get one for free, guests had to post photos of the restaurant's signature Fresh Faves Boxes (including the Value Taco Box, the Variety Box, Del's Favorites Box, and the Triple Chicken Box) to their Instagram Stories while also tagging @deltaco. That ship has sailed, unfortunately, but on Wednesday March 13, the soap became available on Del Taco's website. A single bar costs $3.95 plus shipping, but since the soap it went live, it has sold out, according to Del Taco. Keep a lookout, though — the restaurant is planning to restock shortly.

Innovative fast food fragrances aren't actually all that new. You may recall a few years back, when Demeter Fragrance Library released a pizza fragrance. It reportedly smelled strangely like the Italian delicacy you've probably eaten for several years, but sadly, it didn't bode well for wearers — when tested by an Elite Daily writer, it wasn't particularly popular among friends, dates, or fellow colleagues. Yeah, I guess it was kind of a flop, but it sounds kind of awesome nonetheless.

When it comes to this new french-fry soap, Del Taco is also using it to hype its latest Fresh Fave Box meals that were announced on March 7. So, if the soap makes you crave a bite of the real stuff, you can shell out between $4 and $6 for one of the new meals that all include a value fry.

I love the scent of a tantalizing new soap, so you could probably imagine how thrilled I am that someone finally released a new one that smells just like everyone's favorite food: french fries. My fingers and toes are crossed in hopes that it smells just like the real deal, and honestly, I can't wait to try some out for myself. Get your hands on a bar or two before they run out, though, because Del Taco's latest delicacy is clearly in high demand at the moment.