Deena From 'Jersey Shore' Shut Down Mommy-Shamers On Instagram In The Sweetest Way

by Hollee Actman Becker
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's nothing like getting mom-shamed your first week of being a mom, am I right? Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese gave birth to son Christopher John (CJ for short) on Jan. 5, and she got dragged on social media just two days later after excitedly posting a picture of the little guy getting ready to leave the hospital in his "going home" outfit. The apparent issue was the fact that it looked like CJ was wearing a hooded jacket while strapped into his car seat. Turns out, he wasn't. And Deena from Jersey Shore's comment to mom-shamers and all the ridiculous backlash on Instagram is everything — so well done, mama! Well. Done.

OK, so here's what went down. Cortese posted a slideshow on her Insta that featured three pictures of the new addition to her family. In the first, he's looking pretty dapper while he chills in his hospital bed in a navy and white, checkered shirt paired with blue pants and a patterned hat. In the second, he's getting ready to split, with both his mom and his dad, Chris Buckner, who is proudly holding him in his infant carrier. And the third image is a closeup of CJ strapped into his car seat — and this is the one Cortese's commenters seemed to have the most problems with, since there are lots of rules about the dangers of winter coats and car seats.

Check out the three pics below (be sure to swipe through).

Such a cutie!

Meanwhile, Cortese must have realized that her car seat post would bring out the haters — as most car seat posts do — so she attempted to shut them down with a preemptive explanation in her caption.

"Going home (it's not a jacket .. it's a onesie and hospital approved it)," she wrote alongside the pics. "We're not perfect but we got this. Thank you for the concerns."

TBH, her caption is right on point considering what went down in her comment section — her followers shaming her for putting CJ in a jacket.

Here are some of the judgey comments:

There shouldn’t be that much space in between the legs and the straps and bulky snowsuits/jackets shouldn’t be put on in the car seat.
Too much clothes for such a small baby in a car seat. The car seat also looks loose.
When you become a parent it’s your job to do the research to learn how to protect your child. I don’t care if it’s rude, it’s not that hard to learn proper car seat safety and protect your child.
Car seat safety isn’t a parenting style or choice.
This baby will fly out of his car seat in the event of an accident the way he is now

Look, I have two kids so I know about the whole no-jackets-in-the-car-seat thing, and I'm all for keeping little ones safe. But let's give Cortese a chance here. For one thing, according to Cortese, CJ isn't even wearing a jacket. And for another, the seat isn't even in an actual car yet. For all we know, the new mama used the fluffy onesie to get CJ to her ride, then took the damn thing off before placing him inside. Which is why I'm gonna go ahead and give her the benefit of the doubt here and assume she knows what she's doing.

So let's all take a moment and give Cortese a chance to breathe, adjust to being a new mother, and revel in her baby joy without taking her to task, OK?

Congratulations on your beautiful family, mama. You got this!