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December Will Be Majorly Romantic For These 4 Heart-Eyed Zodiac Signs

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December might be the coldest and darkest time, but the romance inherent to the last month of the year cannot be denied. Let's paint a picture, shall we? You're walking hand in hand with the person you love, strolling through a neighborhood twinkling with fairy lights. Between sips of hot cocoa — your breath fogging each time you exhale — you comment on which of the curbside decorations are your favorite and you discuss your hopes for the new year. You're blushing harder because of the brisk wind and you walk even closer together to keep warm. Are you two going to kiss? Well, if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the most romantic month of December 2020, chances are high that you most definitely will.

Aside from the intensity of eclipse season turning up the drama this December, there's a lot of romance to look forward to. Venus — planet of love, friendship, and luxury — spends its time in deep and penetrating Scorpio until Dec. 15. During this time, love will be piercing, raw, and personal. It will be a time to truly get to know the person you love and settle for nothing less than the intimate exchange you desire. On Dec. 5, Venus will even from a trine with mystical and empathetic Neptune, driving up the compassion and enhancing the romantic energy.

After that, Venus will enter wild, adventurous, and spirited Sagittarius. While this might topple some of the stability you built up while Venus was in Scorpio, it's a chance to have some incredible experiences with a lover, and if you're single, it's a chance to sample the buffet and meet new people (perhaps virtually) as you try out new things. Let the promise of something new light the way.


Cancer: You're Writing Love Poems And Kissing Under Mistletoe

The first half of the month will be an intensely beautiful and romantic time for you, Cancer. Venus will be in your creative and expressive fifth house, encouraging you to release the contents of your heart and let the whole world know how you're feeling. This month, you want that type of romance that helps you transcend reality and tap into something far more mystical than you can imagine.

Leo: You're The Gorgeous Gift That Keeps On Giving

The second half of the month is where it's at, Leo. This is when Venus will be dancing through your fifth house of fun and pleasure, encouraging you to have a good time and do whatever makes you feel good. If going on hot dates and letting suitors sweep you off your feet makes you feel good, then December is the month to go off. A love story awaits you.

Scorpio: No One Can Resist Your Smoldering Hot Vibe

December begins with Venus in your first house of the self, concentrating all of this romantic planets blessings directly onto you. Not only will Venus literally be making you look more attractive and inspire everyone to work hard for your attention, but it will also encourage you to do a deep dive into some much-needed self-love. Your love life is more than just who you happen to be seeing; it's about seeing yourself the way you deserve to be seen.

Sagittarius: You're Far Too Wild And Exciting To Be Tamed

The sun is in Sagittarius when December begins, sparking all sorts of fiery and exciting energy for you. Indulge in the confidence boost the cosmos are giving you, but that's not all — by Dec. 15, Venus will also enter Sagittarius, casting a love spell on you. Don't be surprised if people are randomly asking for your number or leaving you little presents at holiday parties. It's simply Venus at work.

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