David Dobrik’s Video With Justin Bieber has many hilarious moments.

Watch Justin Bieber Surprise His Fans In A Hilarious New David Dobrik Video

by Daffany Chan

The internet is buzzing about David Dobrik's latest shenanigans, and you won't want to miss out on the fun... especially since the YouTube superstar got a mega-famous guest star for his latest video. Packed with surprises, David Dobrik's video with Justin Bieber will make your day a little brighter and rid you of those winter blues. Here's what went down in the hilarious vlog.

The Jan. 11 YouTube video features Dobrik inviting college students at UCLA in Los Angeles, California, to sit in the passenger seat of his Tesla. The YouTube star then asked the students about their opinion on Bieber and his music, only to have Bieber shock them with a surprise appearance from the backseat. As expected, there were a whole slew of interesting reactions in the vlog. One particular student echoed the sentiment of many Beliebers when she shared, "Oh, I love him, I wanted to marry him, honestly. I'm sad. I'm obviously sad about Hailey, but it's okay, though," referring to Bieber's recent marriage to Hailey Baldwin in 2018. Bieber then popped out of the backseat and said, "You wanted to marry me?," giving the fan an unexpected shock.

Another hilarious (although a bit awkward) moment was when one fan expressed that though he loved Bieber, he found that pop star's recent song, "Yummy," was not exactly his favorite. Bieber then jumped out and pretended to put the fan in a headlock. By the end, the fan had a change of heart about "Yummy," agreeing that it's good and even breaking out into the song's catchy lyrics.

Check out the full video for yourself below.

Biebs dropped his new single "Yummy" on Jan. 3 after a five-year hiatus from releasing music on his own. It's a steamy ode to Baldwin with lyrics that aren't difficult decode, like "Rollin' eyes back in my head, make my toes curl, yeah, yeah."

In addition to "Yummy," Bieber announced in a Dec. 24 promo video all that's to come in 2020. Fans can get excited about Bieber's upcoming docuseries, a new album, and a tour. It looks like Bieber is making this decade his biggest one yet.