David Dobrik's First Vlog In 3 Months Is A Tour Of His Shiny New Mansion

Kevin Mazur/AMA2020/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

David Dobrik is back on YouTube, y'all. The vlogger has been noticeably absent from the video sharing platform in recent months, but one can't blame him for needing a break from constant uploading and shenanigans with friends. That being said, he made up for lost time with one of his most epic videos yet. David Dobrik's first YouTube video in three months was the biggest flex.

"We're back to filming," Dobrik said at the beginning of his video titled "I Bought A New House!!" Then he added, "I've got a surprise I want to show the boys."

When they arrived for the surprise (aka, Dobrik's massive new mansion), his friends were astounded. Dobrik's flashy $12 million pad came complete with an infinity pool, basketball court, movie theater, and stunning city views. He also showed off a state of the art studio where he plans to record his podcast and video content.

“This is a house you can afford after you quit vlogging, what would you afford if you keep vlogging? F**king Puerto Rico?” one friend asked.

Dobrik's favorite part of the house? A water fountain which sprays out fruit punch instead of water, inspired by the movie Mr. Deeds.

You can see the video featuring Dobrik's new mansion below.

In May 2020, Dobrik opened up about why he would be taking a break from posting during the coronavirus pandemic.

"If I start posting during this quarantine, by default my content is going to be so watered down just because it's going to be me inside my house," Dobrik said. "I'd rather just quit cold turkey and stop until I'm able to create the videos I want to make exactly how I want, then I'll start again."

Fans were thrilled to see Dobrik return to posting, and they can rest easy because there's more where that came from. Dobrik used his latest video to tease his next upload, where he's slated to surprise his assistant Natalie with a celebrity appearance from Halsey. Not only is Dobrik back on YouTube, but his content is bringing the shock factor more than ever.