David & Natalie's Quotes About Each Other Say A Lot About Their Relationship

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When it comes to David Dobrik's relationship with Natalie Meriduena, the duo have fans playing the guessing game. Sure, Dobrik calls Meriduena his "assistant" and "best friend," but most assistants don't live with their employer or spend their days dancing it out on TikTok together. Dobrik and Meriduena definitely have a unique relationship, and it's built on lots of laughter and Vlog Squad shenanigans. Which is probably why David Dobrik and Natalie Meriduena's quotes about each other are as entertaining as the content they film together.

If you take a quick scroll through Dobrik's social media pages, you'll see plenty of Meriduena's face. The two stars are practically attached at the hip. Between their throwback memories from prom, impromptu dance parties, and adorable Christmas pics, it's clear they're an integral part of each other's lives. Plus, with a friendship spanning more than 10 years, they're bound to be besties forever.

With their lives on full display thanks to social media, it's easy to understand why fans are so captivated by Dobrik's friendship with Meriduena. They've got a front row seat to all their adventures, which have only gotten more entertaining through the years. And romantic or not, these two have the sweetest things to say about it each other.

He Knows She Puts Up With A Lot

When Meriduena's 21st birthday rolled around in December 2018, Dobrik had the most epic birthday surprise — a brand new car — and the sweetest tribute post.

"Happy birthday Natalie!! Thank you for putting up with me and picking up chipotle for me 8 times a day. You are a great assistant and an even better person to terrorize. ENJOY DA NEW RIDE," he wrote.

They Love Each Other's Smiles

As much as Dobrik and Meriduena rag on each other, they say nice things about each other too. In one of Dobrik's vlogs, he said, "alright, Natalie, this blog, let's only be nice to each other. And nice they were. Dobrik started by telling his assistant, "your smile in infectious."

Meriduena then replied with a compliment of her own. "Your laugh is contagious," she sweetly said. You can see the moment at the 0:35 time stamp.

He Knows She's Irreplaceable

In a November 2019 red carpet interview at the People’s Choice Awards, Dobrik called Mariduena "inspiring" and “the hardest working person on the team.” You can watch the moment below.

He's Super Unpredictable

Dobrik and Meriduena quarantined together during the Coronavirus outbreak, and one of her tweet's spoke to the experience. On March 28 she tweeted: "During these times I truly don’t know what to expect every time I walk into davids room."

She Can't Imagine Doing Any Other Job

Meriduena and Dobrik are constantly roasting each other, but it's all in good fun. At least, in Meriduena's book. She's spoken out in the past about how much she loves working with her BFF.

"On a normal day, I can wake up, go to the gym, come home, wake David up around 10," she told Elite Daily in early April. "We knock all of the more serious business stuff out in the morning, whether that's calls or just running through the day, what we're going to do, or going to a meeting. And then, in the afternoon… we'll just all hop into David's car and go try and find something to film."

"What we do right now, it's so gratifying," she says. "I can't imagine a more fun job or career."

Yes, He Did Have A Childhood Crush

In a November 2019 video interview with Delish, Dobrik got candid on his past feelings for Meriduena. "Yes I did, I had a crush on Natalie. But i was very young and very stupid," he joked. "Freshman year she asked me to a dance but I actually had a little bit of a crush on her."

He then grabbed Natalie who was sitting in on the interview. "When you asked me to the dance, this is so embarrassing, but obviously it's a lot different now. I was trying to tell you how pretty you looked in your dress the day afterwards, but I was so scared."

You can hear Dobrik's remarks at the 2:18 mark below.

But Things Will Never Get Romantic

Past feelings withstanding, in a May video interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dobrik and Meriduena addressed speculation they were dating, both confirming they will always be just friends.

"It should be obvious at this point that there's never going to be a time when Natalie and I ever hook up," Dobrik said in the interview. "Even if this pandemic lasts 25 years, and we were stuck inside, it's never going to happen," he promised.

You can hear Dobrik's remarks about his friendship with Meriduena at the 3:00 mark.