Dale's Zodiac Sign Proves He's Clare's Perfect Match

by Candice Jalili
Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anyone who's watched this season of The Bachelorette can confirm the man managed to swiftly steal Clare Crawley's heart. But what does Dale Moss' zodiac sign say about the sort of partner he'll be to her? Moss was born on Sept. 24, likely making him a classic Libra life of the party.

For starters, Libra is an air sign, which is inherently likely to make Moss a people person. Just like air, Moss can effortlessly float around a room, charming everyone inside it as he swirls about. His charm was obviously not lost on Crawley, who viewers know declared him as her "future husband" just moments after having met him the first time.

But remember how the other contestants got kind of annoyed with him for lying about making out with her during that group date during week three? Well, that blip was also a pretty typical Libra move. People born under this sign are symbolized by the scales — they like to maintain harmony and balance in all areas of their lives, including in social settings. While only Moss himself can say why he fibbed about getting cozy with Crawley, it would be a standard Libra move to tell a white lie in order to keep the rest of the guys from feeling jealous or upset.

As Crawley has said time and time again, her favorite thing about Moss is that he really has her back. Like, remember when Moss was the first one there to comfort her after contestant Yosef Aborady totally berated her? That's another major Libra move from Moss. Libras are naturally warm and caring people, and when they fall for somebody, they tend to be highly attentive partners who are always in tune with their loved ones' needs.

Finally, anyone with eyes has probably noticed Moss has got style. In addition to being a model who enjoyed a pretty fabulous life in New York before coming onto the show, Moss just seems to naturally carry himself with a sense of elegance. Maybe his choice of profession has something to do with that, but maybe so do the stars.

As for Crawley, her March 20 birthday makes her a Pisces. As you might have guessed from their love-at-first-sight chemistry, Pisces and Libra truly could not be a more perfect match. They're both romantics at heart, and any differences they do have tend to complement (rather than bug) each other.

So, uh, yeah. I think it's safe to ship these two for the long haul.