Clare & Yosef's Fight On 'The Bachelorette' Will Give You Major Déjà Vu

Courtesy of ABC

Every Bachelor and Bachelorette season has to have at least one villain. Since before Season 16 aired, Chris Harrison had been dropping hints that Yosef Aborady was going to makes waves, and after seeing The Bachelorette's Oct. 27 episode, it's very clear why. The show is only on Episode 3, but Clare and Yosef's fight on The Bachelorette will go down as one of the season's most heated moments.

Heading into Clare Crawley's season, fans knew the drama would be at an all-time high. After production of the show was delayed multiple times due to the coronavirus pandemic, reports came out that Clare only filmed The Bachelorette for less than two weeks before apparently peaceing out to be with contestant Dale Moss (reportedly, Tayshia Adams is replacing her as the new Bachelorette).

In early October, Chris Harrison told Elite Daily that Yosef was the guy to look out for early on in the show. Harrison described the contestant as a guy who not only isn't afraid to speak his mind, but also that "he's not afraid to debate, not afraid to get into a heated discussion" either. This was something fans got to see firsthand in the second episode of the season, especially during the “quality time” portion of the Love Languages group date.


Basically, Clare went through the different Love Languages with a group of guys, getting to explore things like Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation with each of them. Everything was going fine (or as fine as awkward group dates can go) until it seemed like none of the guys wanted to actually spend quality time with Clare. That's when Yosef said, “You’re crazy to think we didn’t all come here for you," which, like, isn't the best way to make an impression.

But thennnnn, there was the strip dodgeball game. While fans were less than thrilled about Clare's decision to have the guys get naked, it was Yosef (who wasn't even part of the date) who spoke his mind — to the point of insulting Clare.

Unsurprisingly, things did not go well. The Oct. 27 episode kicked off where the previous one left off, with Yosef seething about the date. When he approached Clare with his grievances, that's when things really went off the rails.

Yosef wasn't letting up about his feelings when he confronted Clare, and it's safe to say she immediately felt the tension. Yosef asked Clare to hear him out and say all that he has to say. "There's been a couple of red flags that have kind of gone off to me," Yosef said. He referenced back to Clare's anger at the guys during the first group date, calling it "really disrespectful."

As Clare chimed in to tell Yosef she knows how he feels about leaving his daughter to find love, reminding him her mom is dying, he immediately cut her off and said, "Let me continue." (Big. Yikes.)

Courtesy of ABC

Yosef then detailed his concern about Clare's choice to have the men strip down, saying it doesn't set a good example for his daughter. "I'm ashamed to be associated with you," he said. (Bigger. Yikes.)

As Clare continued to try and speak her mind, Yosef wasn't having it, continually telling her to let him talk. It's then when the back-and-forth began, with Clare and Yosef only agreeing on one thing: Neither of them would want the other one to be a parent to their children.

Clare's response to Yosef's backlash was ultimately the same thing she told Juan Pablo years ago: "I would never want my kids to have a father like you."

Of course, Yosef made the decision to see himself out, because there was no coming back from this fight. Meanwhile, Clare found comfort in Dale, who assured her he was there for the right reasons.

The Bachelorette continues on Thursday, Nov. 5, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.