Dale Moss’ Instagram video about his Clare Crawley breakup is emotional.

Dale Teared Up Talking About His Breakup With Clare In An Emotional IG Video

by Daffany Chan
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Dale Moss opened up about his breakup with Clare Crawley in a new video, and things got extremely emotional. The Bachelorette contestant shared details about his public split with Crawley in an Instagram live on Jan. 30, and even began tearing up while expressing where both he and Crawley are at currently. Bachelor Nation is sure to be buzzing about Dale Moss' Instagram video about his Clare Crawley breakup, because it's so raw.

Since Moss confirmed that he parted ways with Season 16 Bachelorette Crawley on Jan. 19, fans have had plenty of questions about the couple's relationship timeline. Moss even put to rest some rumors about the split in a Jan. 25 Instagram story, after there were accusations that he had cheated on his former fiancée.

Moss decided to share more about his painful breakup with Crawley in an 11-minute-long Instagram Live on Saturday, January 30, which you can watch in full here. In the video, which showed the 32-year-old sitting outside by the ocean, Moss admitted that the split hasn't been an easy ride and even admitted that he was "shaking" just thinking about the experience. "The situation with Clare, it's f*cking sucked, you know," he shared. "And I think everyone looks for a right answer and a right way to handle these things... and there really isn't one."

Moss went on to explain that though it's been a difficult time, he's grown from situation. He wiped away tears as he acknowledged the mistakes he's made and the mixed emotions he's been facing, sharing, "This has been a learning experience for me... this has f*cking rocked me. I felt so many emotions and so much guilt, but also so much confusion and so much hurt."

While Moss didn't directly address the cheating accusations, he did admit to making some mistakes in the past. "I'm man enough to understand and realize [the] mistakes that I've done," he said. "Trying to put pride aside, pray more and just try to make the best decisions now moving forward... it takes time. All this sh*t takes time. At the end of the day, it's about doing what makes you happy... F*ck my heart was just f*cking heavy, especially the last week."

Moss also shared that he's not the only one having a tough time making sense of the breakup, revealing that Crawley has also been going through a similar experience. Moss wrapped up the IG Live by sharing a note of positivity in light of the situation. "Understanding that what I've learned in this situation... Even if you feel low, it does get better," he said, before thanking his followers for their "love and support" to both himself and his ex-fiancée.

Though the split has been difficult for the Moss, it's clear that the former Bachelorette contestant has been learning a lot about himself from the experience.