Cute Fall Decor On Etsy That You & Your Roomie Need For PSL Season

Break out your box of fall decorations, because Pumpkin Spice Latte season is almost here. I love everything about the fall — from the cozy drinks to outdoor adventures with the squad (and most especially, the fall foliage). Give me all things orange, yellow, and red, because I'm ready to decorate my apartment in the warm hues of the season. If you're not equipped with autumn decor, no worries. There's plenty of cute fall decor on Etsy that will make your place festive in just about no time.

I love Etsy, because anything you dream of, you can find with a simple search. It might be overwhelming when it comes to decision-making time, as there are many rustic signs, leaf garlands, and pumpkin-inspired decorations to choose from, so I've made it super simple for you. Here are 10 cute items on Etsy that are calling your name.

Maybe you want to spice up your studio apartment this season, or maybe it's your freshman year in the dorms, and you and your roomie want to make the place feel like home. These simple decorations will turn your space into a fall foliage wonderland. In no time, you'll be drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes and getting cozy as the weather gets cooler. Your home will be so Instagram-worthy, you'll want to capture it all for the 'Gram to show everyone that you're living your best fall life.

1You'll "Fall In Love" With This Banner

Rustic Fall in Love Banner


Everyone loves a good pun, so naturally, you'll "fall in love" with this punny banner. Hang it up above your fireplace or couch to give the wall a little pop of color. It will be a constant reminder that this is your favorite time of year, and you're down for what's to come.

2These Fall-Inspired Jars Are A-Mason

Halloween Mason Jars


Real talk: A mason jar is rustic chic at its best. These fall-inspired jars can be used to display sunflowers from the farmers' market, or that bouquet of fresh florals bae surprises you with. Either way, these cute jars will look great serving as the centerpiece on your dining room table.

3These Rustic Sconces Will Light Up Your Season

Rustic Fall Sconces


Sconces are the peak of elegance, and your place will soon look chic AF with these sconces hanging on the wall. The set of two comes with the wood to hang up your lights, in addition to the mason jars filled with fall flowers. It's a sophisticated way to bring additional light to your place.

4I'm Falling For This Sweet Wooden Sign

Fall Wood Sign


There's so much to love about the fall, and this sign is a clear reminder of that. On display for all to see, you'll be daydreaming about the pumpkins, s'mores, and autumn leaves coming your way. This will likely be your motto all season long when you and bae are cuddling up with warm apple cider on a chilly fall night.

5Oh My Gourd, These Velvet Pumpkins Are Just Too Cute

Velvet Pumpkins


Who else is feeling #blessed that velvet has made a serious comeback? Well, get onboard with the trend this season by purchasing these velvet pumpkins. Use them to decorate any table or bookshelf in your apartment. The best part is, you get to choose three colors you want out of 29 options. (For the perfect fall vibes, I would go for an orange, yellow, and red pumpkin, but it's truly up to you.)

6Have A #BestLife Fall With This Bucket List Sign

Fall Bucket List


You're probably all for living your best life right now, and it's easy to achieve that when you're checking off some bucket list items. This fall, you have plans to hit up pumpkin patches with friends, play with your dog in the leaves, and eat s'mores at a bestie bonfire. Keep motivated to check all of that off your list with this fall sign hanging up.

7Say "Hello" To Fall With This Wreath

Hello Fall Wreath


Wreaths aren't just for Christmas. Welcome all of your friends into your home sweet home with this "Hello Fall" wreath. The colors of the flowers will bring that instant fall feeling to you whenever you come home.

8Get Cozy With This Fall Throw Blanket

Knit Throw Blanket Marbled Design


If you plan on spending most nights on your couch reading, writing, or catching up on your favorite show, get extra cozy and festive with this fall throw blanket. A throw blanket is both useful and trendy. When it's not being used to keep you warm, it will bring the PSL season to life as a pop of color on your couch.

9Welcome Your Friends The Only Way You Know How

Pumpkin Spice Doormat


Fall is pumpkin spice season, and you can't wait for all of the lattes, donuts, and muffins to come. Let your friends know how you really feel when you welcome them into your home with this clever doormat.

10Light Up Any Shelf With This Festive Garland

Fall Garland


A garland is an easy decoration to add to your home, because it's something you can place on any mantle or shelf to instantly bring the fall vibes to your place. It's the ultimate fall decor for anyone who is lazy like me. The best part about this garland is that it lights up, so it'll bring a dreamy glow to your place as well.