Cupcake Vineyards' New Canned Wines Mean You Can Crack Open A Rosé At Happy Hour

Courtesy of Cupcake Vineyards

There is truly nothing better than classic wine brands releasing canned versions of your favorite bottles. I know, I know — canned wine can get a "bad rep" sometimes, but in my eyes, sipping your choice of vino out of a can is convenient, it portions everything out into set servings, and most importantly, it minimizes the possibility of any spillage. Let's be real — nobody is "above" drinking canned wine, so prepare yourself to try Cupcake Vineyard's new Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc cans this summer — these are about to make summertime sipping effortless and incredibly easy.

Whether you love throwing a summertime backyard bash or if you simply enjoy a small sip on your rooftop in the sunshine from time to time, having your favorite wines in the form of a can is quite a luxury. In the last few years, several bottled wine brands have hopped aboard the canned wine train, from The Pinot Project, to Dark Horse, and — of course — White Girl Rosé's very own Babe Rosé. Now Cupcake Vineyards is joining the canned wine market with RTD versions of its Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé wines, according to the brand, and if you somehow aren't able to tell, I couldn't be more excited to try them both.

Courtesy of Cupcake Vineyards

If you, too, simply can't wait to try Cupcake Vineyards' Canned Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc, have no fear — both varieties are hitting shelves super soon. In fact, according to Cupcake Vineyards, you will be able to find them in major retailers across the country as early as April 1, 2019, and if you'd like to see where you'll be able to buy them, make sure to check out the brand's online locator. According to Cupcake Vineyards, each can will contain about 2.5 servings of wine (which is quite honestly an ideal amount) and will only cost you $5.99. But in my opinion, a little added convenience is totally and utterly priceless (especially if it means spilling a little less on that gorgeous white couch of yours).

Cupcake Vineyards is releasing these extremely clutch cans in honor of its fifth year in collaboration with Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival as the festival's official wine sponsor, according to the press release. If you're planning on attending the festival next month, prepare to sip a few while you dance to your favorite artists and bask in the Indio, California, sunshine. If you aren't at the festival, however you will still be able to buy them at a store near you as Cupcake's latest and greatest addition to its flavorful lineup.

OK, in all honesty, I'm really glad we're past that "I'm too good for canned wine" mindset — having your favorite sip in the form of a can is undeniably the greatest. And now that Cupcake Vineyards is releasing two of its greatest bottles in canned form, I seriously couldn't be happier. These are about to bring any and all summer parties to the next level.