Contiki Bridgerton Getaway

This ‘Bridgerton’-Inspired Getaway Will Take You Through London & Bath This Fall


It looks like Bridgerton fans have a lot to look forward to in the months and years to come. The hit Netflix series was just renewed for Seasons 3 and 4, and Season 2 is currently filming in London. As of press time, there is no set date for Season 2 to hit the steaming service, which means you have plenty of time to rewatch Season 1. If you're looking to add more Bridgerton in your life sooner rather than later, you may want to check out Contiki's Bridgerton-Inspired Mini Break, which will take you through some of the show's actual filming sites and locations.

Contiki — a touring company that mainly focuses on travel destinations for people ages 18-35 (aka right in that Gen Z/millennial sweet spot) — has a brand-new adventure inspired by Bridgerton, which is scheduled to take you through London and Bath over the course of four days. After more than a year of not traveling due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you're ready to journey to some exciting and new destinations as soon as it's safe, so this is right up your alley. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommends that you do not travel until you're fully vaccinated, and even after that, there are still suggested limitations, so make sure to keep yourself up to date. Now that more and more states have opened up their eligibility, you might be ready to go overseas by the fall — though, again, make sure to keep up to date on those limitations — which is perfect timing, because Contiki's Bridgerton-Inspired Mini Break launches Sept. 16, 2021.

As of April 15, 2021, UK travel rules and regulations include the following guidance:

  • If you’re traveling to England from a place that’s not on the UK’s list of banned countries, you must quarantine in your housing or hotel accommodations for 10 days upon your arrival. As of press time, the U.S. is not on that list, so necessary travel is acceptable under the current guidelines.
  • You’ll also have to show proof of a negative coronavirus test taken no more than three days before your arrival in the UK.
  • Anyone who has been in or through any of the countries listed in the 10 days prior to arrival will be refused entry to the UK.

While this means you might not be able to attend a Bridgerton-inspired trip tomorrow, it doesn't mean that any future travel is completely off limits. We'll all just have to wait and see how the rules change.


If you are able to book, the Mini Break is priced at $1,703, but you can choose a flexible financing option that comes out to $152 per month. That price includes accommodations, travel between places, some meals, and experiences as well. So basically, Contiki will plan everything for you, taking a lot of stress off your plate. After not traveling for so long, you may be a little rusty, so take all the help you can get.

Along your four-day journey, you'll get to see some of the actual Bridgerton filming locations like the Bridgerton family home and Queen Charlotte's palace. That means you can recreate some of your fave moments from the series in a few Insta-worthy vacay photos. Get a pic of you in a cute dress standing under wisteria, or a plandid snap of you walking around the Ton. In addition to seeing the sites, you'll also get to have high tea at The Rubens at the Palace and visit London's oldest candle-lit wine bar for a wine-derful time. Get a sippin' selfie of you drinking tea like a lady, or enjoying a glass of wine like you're Simon and Anthony at the men's club. Some other highlights from the tour include:

While there may be a set itinerary, you'll also get free time to explore both London and Bath on your own. You can, of course, use those opportunities to check out other locations that aren't Bridgerton-inspired. However, if you want to stay on theme, Contiki does have some fun suggestions as well. For instance, on your second day, you can choose to see a show at the Hackney Empire theater, aka the opera house from the show. You could also go for a promenade in the park with your partner like Daphne and Simon do, or go shopping for some souvenirs to bring back to all your Bridgerton-loving besties.


If you are a Bridgerton fan, this is definitely the trip for you. Even actress Ruby Barker, who played Marina Thompson, believes this trip is "something special." So, what are you waiting for? Book now if you can, because this once-in-a-lifetime trip has a maximum group size of 18 people — and you definitely don't want to upset Lady Whistledown by missing out.