Colton's Advice To Hannah B. For Coping With Life Post-'Bachelorette' Is So Wise

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Being the lead in a Bachelor franchise show looks super fun, but along with the fame, the Instagram deals, and (sometimes) the lasting love, there are many hardships these people often have to face. Luckily, Bachelor Nation has been around for quite some time now, and many veterans are more than happy to share their wisdom with those newer to the spotlight. Colton's advice to Hannah B. for coping with life post-Bachelorette shows how much he's learned through his Bachelor journey, and will hopefully help the latest franchise lead as she forges her own path.

It's no secret Hannah Brown has had a rough go of it, both during her Bachelorette season and after she gave out her final rose. Following a slew of on-screen drama as she tried to whittle down her contestants to the man she would marry, she later learned the guy she did pick to get engaged to wasn't totally honest with her. But even after standing up for herself and breaking things off with then-fiancé Jed Wyatt, Hannah still had tons of hurdles to face. In an emotional Instagram post on Aug. 13, Hannah revealed she was struggling with how different her life had become after her time as The Bachelorette. She cited everything from her troubles with love, to her faith, to her reputation on the show as causes for the negative feelings, but ended on a positive note, saying, "I’m not going to struggle to disguise my weakness."

Colton Underwood, whose Bachelor season Hannah originally competed on, commented on the post with some encouraging words, saying: "Nailed it. Keep being you HB... proud of you!"

The post actually resonated with Colton more than fans may have guessed, he explains to Elite Daily while at an event for MorningStar Farms' "Lose Your Veginity" campaign. He says he and his girlfriend Cassie Randolph both understand how Hannah must have been feeling when she wrote the caption.

"I read her statement, and Cass and I looked at each other and were like, ‘This is exactly what we’ve been, like, trying to articulate for the last month,'" Colton reveals. "It's not easy on us; it's not easy on our families."

But while the sudden change in lifestyle can certainly be difficult, Colton has a few tips for making the transition as smooth as possible. "I think the most important thing that I learned is you can say no to things," he advises. "It’s also very, very important to make time for you and to make time for your friends and your family ... My advice would be just to stay true to yourself, and stick with the people who were there for you before all this."

That's pretty solid guidance for anyone going through a tough time in life, but it sounds especially powerful for someone in Hannah's position. After her very public breakup with Jed, Hannah and her love life were put immediately back in the spotlight when fans speculated she would try things again with her runner-up Tyler Cameron. But even now that the Hannah-Tyler hype has died down (thanks to the rumors about Tyler dating supermodel Gigi Hadid), the former Miss Alabama USA is far from being back to her pre-Bachelorette life. Currently, she's a cast member of Dancing with the Stars Season 28, and she has the most Instagram followers out of anyone in Bachelor Nation.

Colton, for his part, has seemed to take life after his Bachelor season in stride. He says he and Cassie are still taking it slow and are "growing more and more in love with each other every day, so it sounds like someone is taking his own advice.

For both Colton and Hannah, starring in the reality franchise has definitely impacted their real lives. Here's hoping both they, and the other members of Bachelor Nation, find peace and happiness in their new futures.