Colton's Body Language With Hannah G. On Their One-On-One Date Is Beyond Hot

by Korey Lane

This current season of The Bachelor definitely seems to be lasting longer than most others. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the bachelor himself, Colton Underwood, has been so open and honest about his virginity. Or perhaps it's because the contestants truly seem to be getting younger and younger. Whatever the case, fans of The Bachelor have had a good amount of time this season to pick their frontrunners for Colton's heart. That being said, when you check out t Colton's body language with Hannah G. during their most recent one-on-one date, it's basically all the proof necessary that Hannah G. is a strong contender for that Neil Lane bling at the end of the road.

In case you haven't been keeping up with this season's happenings, Hannah G. is an influencer all the way from Alabama. Keeping with the trend of young contestants, Hannah G. is a spright 23-year-old who actually won the first impression rose.

On the most recent episode of The Bachelor, Colton and Hannah G. had their one-on-one date in Vietnam. The two bonded over their divorced parents, and then went to a spa where they made out a lot. Like, a lot. Colton gave Hannah G. the rose after the date, and based on their body language, it's easy to see why.

They have plenty of chemistry.

While on their spa date, Colton and Hannah G. took plenty of time to get to know each other, especially each other's lips. "Wow he's really into her!!" body language expert Traci Brown tells Elite Daily of this shot. "See how much he's leaning in and even lifting her off the ground? He initiated this moment. It looks like they're glued together."

It's fairly obvious that these two have plenty of chemistry, but it's only the beginning.

Like, a *lot* of chemistry.
Photo courtesy of ABC

Colton likes to kiss, there is absolutely no doubt about it. But in this moment, Brown explains that he isn't the only one who is feeling all kinds of hot and heavy. "Wow these two can't get enough of each other," Brown says. This time, however, as Hannah G. is on top, "She's in control now."

Considering how both Colton and Hannah G. seem to be equally into each other, this makes a lot of sense.

They're not afraid to get intimate.
Photo courtesy of ABC

I don't know about you, but laying in the mud doesn't exactly scream "romance," but Colton and Hannah G. definitely seem to be into it. "Are these two ever gonna quit?" Brown asks. "They're making the most of the mud. See that super sexy light touch on his shoulders?" It's a pretty hot moment, that much is true.

Colton is definitely into Hannah G.
Photo courtesy of ABC

Finally, at the end of the date, Colton gave Hannah G. a rose. It wasn't really a surprising, as they were practically making out the entire date, but Brown says that this moment shows a lot. "We see him back to his old ways, holding her head ever so lightly in his hands," Brown says. "I think he's just a tad more into this moment than her, or the picture was taken before she could fully get her hands around his waist."

However, Brown also notes that "She's holding more on to the rose than onto him," which could mean a number of things, like that she's relieved she gets to continue getting to know Colton, or anything else, really.

Obviously, only Colton knows how he feels about each contestant, but his body language with Hannah G. definitely indicates that he's falling for the Alabama native. And why shouldn't he? Hannah G. has remained drama-free, and full of spark, so more power to her!

Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily