Colton's Body Language With Hannah G. On 'The Bachelor' Premiere Will Make You Ship Them

The first episode of The Bachelor is always my favorite. Some people may watch for the romance and the fantasy, but honestly, I’m really just here for the awkward AF moments. I know I can't be the only one, right? That being said, there is something sweet about those moments where you do actually see people connect, because they have chemistry and aren't afraid to be a little vulnerable. Which is why it wasn’t all that surprising to see Colton Underwood's body language with Hannah G., the 23-year-old content creator from Birmingham, Alabama, who caught his eye and his first impression rose.

While it's probably too early (OK, definitely too early) to predict who is going to receive final rose from the former NFL star, I can't help but wonder about (read: obsess over) the dynamic and potential connection Underwood shared with the first girl to really grab his attention. So, I reached out to Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, for her take on what she sees happening between the two of them. As you might have guessed, their instant chemistry is fire. Here's what else she sees between these two.

Hannah G. is really feeling Colton, right away.

The Bachelor is all about getting swept up by the romance and the fantasy, and according to Brown, Hannah G. is all in. “She's quite smitten with him,” Brown tells Elite Daily. She points to how she is gesturing as evidence of this. “See how she's touching her heart. He's taken her breath away!” explains Brown.

Colton loved the “present.”

Instead of focusing on on Colton’s virginity, Hannah G. chose to open things up with a bit of humor by giving him the gift of his favorite underwear — none. According to Brown, this tactic definitely paid off in her favor. “He's clearly pretty happy about the present,” says Brown. She notes how the smile lights up his whole face as proof. “See the crows feet in his eyes? That's real happiness.”

They already share some intimacy.

While it’s still really early, Brown can already see the seeds of potential for real intimacy between these two if they stay on the same track. “They're looking into each other's eyes at such close range. That's hard to do unless you don't want to have any secrets from someone,” explains Brown in reference to this picture. “[There’s] real intimacy here,” she adds.

Colton is really attracted to Hannah G.

While it's clear from the first photo that Hannah G. is attracted to Colton, Brown says this photo shows that the feeling is more than mutual. “He's more into her right here,” says Brown. “See how he's the one leaning in? And he must have grabbed her hand before she had time to try to hold his. That's some passion!”

Colton wants a deeper connection.

While the physical chemistry is really apparent in the previous photos, in this image Brown sees that Colton is really putting in an effort to have a real connection. “He's really listening to her here,” explains Brown. “His eyes are deadlocked on hers as she talks.” But it’s not just about trying to get to know Hannah G. — it’s also about Colton wanting to make sure that she knows he’s really interested. “That's how you make someone feel really special!” says Brown.

Things have the potential to get really hot between them.

In this final image, Brown notes that things between the pair seem to be heating up quickly. “This one is really intimate for not knowing each other that long. They're both reaching for each other and holding hands however they can,” says Brown. However, she does point out that the chemistry isn’t totally balanced between them. “He's probably a little more into her because he's reaching with both arms. She's just using one,” Brown notes. But that doesn't mean that there isn’t a lot of potential for them in the future. “There's lots of anticipation for some steaminess between them in this shot!" says Brown.

Overall, Brown sees there's definitely a connection forming here right off the bat, but only time will tell if it grows into something more serious. “I think that he really likes her, maybe more than she does him,” Brown says. “Time will tell if she comes around to his way of thinking and opens up to more romance, but she's on the path there.” I guess we’re just going to have to watch and wait, but for now we can definitely consider Hannah G. to be a strong contender for Colton’s heart.

Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily