What Colton Underwood's Zodiac Sign Says About Him As A Partner Comes As No Surprise

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It’s official: Colton Underwood is going to be wielding the roses as star of The Bachelor come January 2019. He's a controversial pick, to say the least, and one that Bachelor Nation seems to have pretty mixed feelings about. But, based on Colton Underwood's zodiac sign and the fact that he's now the one in the hot seat, will his third time looking for love on television be the charm? Is he finally ready to open up his heart all the way, find a soulmate, and have sex for the first time? Only a dozen episodes and two reunion specials will tell us that for sure, but we can get some illuminating insights into what his odds are from looking at his zodiac sign.

Underwood was born Jan. 26, which makes his sign Aquarius. Suddenly, his behavior on both The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise is making a lot more sense. Aquarius is one of the most complex and contrary signs in the zodiac. On the one hand, they know their minds and hearts better than most other signs, but have a serious block when it comes to communication. What that means when dating an Aquarius is that you have to brace for unpredictability and the ever-looming threat of ghosting. On the other hand, when they do fall, they fall hard and fast. That's right, folks. At the very least, we are in for one heck of a Bachelor season. Here's what else Underwood's sign tells us about him as a partner.

He's very set in his beliefs.

An Aquarius man like Underwood is best paired with an open-minded partner, because Aquarians tend to be very set in their beliefs and can be very stubborn about it. On the one hand, that strict adherence to their principals can be really impressive and appealing, but when you butt heads with them, it can also be very frustrating.

It’s hard to know exactly where you stand with an Aquarius.

I’m making a prediction now: There are going to be some really shocked ladies at rose ceremonies next season who didn't see their rejections coming. That comes down to Aquarius’ struggles around communication, particularly when they're not interested in someone romantically. Rather than be confrontational about it, the Water Bearer tends to go the ghosting route.

What makes this extra confusing is that, even when an Aquarius is really interested in someone, they aren’t always really skilled at communicating that. Without realizing it, the Water Bearer can come across as really emotionally detached. So, confidence is key when loving one.

When he’s in a relationship, he’s very trustworthy.

While Aquarians may struggle with expressing their feelings, their saving grace is that when they do fall for someone, you couldn’t ask for a more trustworthy partner. They are very honest, and live by a strict self-imposed code. So, if you can get through an Aquarian’s walls, your heart will be surprisingly safe with them.

He's easy to fall in love with.

Underwood should have no trouble making his suitors fall for him, because Aquarians have a powerful pull of attraction. They are friendly and charismatic, but also a bit mysterious. You never know what you're going to get with a Water Bearer, and that can be very alluring. They're also excellent listeners with a gift for making you feel like you're the only person in the world when you have their attention.

Aquarians have an intense sexual appetite.

Don’t let the fact that Underwood is a virgin fool you. Just because he hasn’t had sex yet, doesn’t mean he doesn't really, really want to. Aquarius men have a powerful libido and make for passionate and highly experimental lovers. However, unlike some other signs like Scorpio and Aries, they aren’t ruled by their desires. They are able to go long periods without sex, should they choose to. But when they do finally go there, watch out.

What to watch out for with a Water Bearer.

While Aquarius is loyal to the one who has their heart, there are a few sure-fire ways to get cut from their romantic roster. They have no patience for drama or for pushiness. The suitors that come on too hard, too fast, are likely to be shown the door quickly. They need a lot of space, so clinginess or neediness is sure to be a huge turn-off for Underwood. And lastly, Aquarians are deeply sensitive souls, so the quickest way to get their walls up is by criticizing them. They tend to take that to heart, and once a Aquarius pushes you away, it’s pretty much a wrap.

As you can see, Underwood’s perfect partner is going to be a tricky one to find. They need to be confident, but open-minded; sensitive and loving, but also very independent. Hey, Aquarians can be tough nuts to crack, but ultimately, so worth it.

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