ColourPop's Black Friday Sale Gives You 30% Off All Their Already-Affordable Products

by Bella Gerard and Kelsi Zimmerman

Saving big on expensive brands is a major perk of Black Friday shopping, but getting to save on already-affordable brands can be just as sweet. Think about how much further your dollar stretches at a sales event like ColourPop's Black Friday 2019 sale, given that the brand's full-priced products rarely cost more than $15 a pop. If you've got a lot of beauty-loving friends and family on your holiday shopping list, stocking up on ColourPop goodies during the sale will guarantee you win Best Gift-Giver. It's the thought that counts, I know, but why not show off a little and give some seriously great beauty products?

ColourPop launches so many collections throughout the year that it can be hard to keep up, so if you missed a few good ones (or didn't have the coin to place a new order every single week) you can use the Black Friday sale to snag the products you've been lusting over. From Monday, Nov. 25 through Tuesday, Dec. 3, shoppers to the ColourPop website can get 30% off the entire site, including the Fourth Ray and SOL Body brands. Not too shabby!

Whether you're looking for some unique eyeshadow palettes or lip products of any formula or shade, it's safe to say this sale will have you covered. Here's a sampling of some of the best products that you can cop during the sale:

An already-affordable brand new eyeshadow palette gets discounted even more in the name of Black Friday? Count me in. ColourPop's new nine-pan Going Coconuts Palette will be on sale for $8 during the Black Friday sale, meaning you're paying less than a dollar per shadow. The palette features a range of brown and nude hues in both velvet and shimmer finishes.

Thanks to ColourPop's post-Thanksgiving sale you'll be able to get the entire Frozen II collection for around $53. That's $23 in savings. The bundle features both the Anna kit and the Elsa kit to make for an eight-piece collection that includes two eyeshadow palettes, four lippies, and two eyeshadow pots.

The temperatures may have dropped but that doesn't mean that you can't give the gift of sun-kissed skin this holiday season thanks to Sol Body's Shimmering Dry Oil. The oil comes in four different shades "Platinum," "Soft Gold," Warm Gold," and "Bronze," and nourishes and highlights your face and body. You'll be able to get the oil for about $10 during the sale which is a small price to pay for a summertime glow all year round.

As mentioned, you'll also be able to get 30% off of ColourPop's skincare brand Fourth Ray during the sale. You can expect to save about $5 on the Vitamin C Elixir which is designed to boost radiance and brightness.

If you've been a ColourPop stan since the beginning then perhaps you can't wait to cop some of their OG products at a discount on Black Friday. If that sounds like you, the brand's ultra matte liquid lippies will be on sale for around $5.