Clay & Angela Reunited On 'Paradise' & It Was As Dramatic As You'd Expect


Seeing your ex is never fun no matter where you are, but it's especially tough when you're a guest at a wedding. You're there celebrating another couple's happily ever after while also being confronted with your own relationship's past. Think about that, and then imagine how much worse it is to have the entire experience watched on national television. That's exactly what Clay Harbor and Angela Amezcua had to go through during the Aug. 27 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Clay and Angela's reunion on Bachelor in Paradise was just as dramatic as you'd expect.

During Week 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, the entire cast took a rare trip away from the resort to celebrate Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson's wedding in Mexico. Plenty of Bachelor franchise alums attended the wedding, including Angela, who was a bridesmaid. Clay told Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton he was nervous about seeing his ex again, especially because when they broke up they weren't exactly on the same page.

Clay and Angela started dating when Chris R. set them up off-screen, and the two made it Instagram official in September 2018. They broke up after seven months together, right before filming for this season of Bachelor in Paradise began. At the start of Season 6, Angela's friend Annaliese Puccini confronted Clay about the breakup, saying he and Angela had been planning on moving in together, so he shouldn't be pursuing a relationship on Paradise so soon. However, that didn't stop him from beginning a relationship with fellow Paradise member Nicole Lopez-Alvar.

Going into the wedding, it seemed like Clay and Nicole were a united front. Nicole told the cameras she thought the wedding would be tough for both of them because Angela was attending, but she later said that during the ceremony, they held hands and therefore she felt good about their relationship.

However, that good feeling wouldn't last long. After the ceremony, Chris and Krystal announced that only some of the Season 6 Bachelor in Paradise cast would get to attend the reception. Nicole was sent back to the resort, but Clay got to attend the party... along with Angela. Nicole said she was "honestly terrified" that Clay and Angela would reconnect at the reception, and she may have had some reason to worry.

After some tension, Clay and Angela took a private moment to chat during the party. He told her, "I still do care about you a lot. You’re a really special person to me. You’re a sweetheart. I just want you to be happy." But, Angela wasn't quite as warm to Clay. She told him it didn't make sense why he was there after he broke up with her and told her he needed to be alone. It was clear there was a lot of baggage between the two of them, but underneath it all, they still seem to care about each other.

The next day, Clay was upset about how the conversation with Angela went, but Nicole was even more upset. She wondered why he didn't introduce her as his girlfriend to his friends, and she said she was worried he wasn't 100% over Angela.

Clay admitted to Nicole that Angela did try to win him back after they broke up and that she is still special to him. Nicole said she's worried Clay might want to get back together with Angela. Unfortunately, Nicole's fears might become a reality, since the very end of Aug. 27's episode revealed Angela is now joining everyone in Paradise.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues on Monday, Sept. 2, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.