These New Colorful Unicorn Churros From Chuck E. Cheese Will Be Available So Soon

Courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese

Unicorns are having a moment right now — and have been for quite some time. From elaborate pool floats to macaroni and cheese, there's no shortage of unicorn-inspired products and foods. However, Chuck E. Cheese's new Unicorn Churros for spring 2019 may be one of the most magical things I've seen yet. The colorful churros aren't available just yet, but I promise the sweet treats are going to be available so, so soon.

I thought I'd seen it all until Chuck E. Cheese decided to announce that it will be serving up Unicorn Churros (!!!) beginning in April. Unicorn Churros are officially coming to a Chuck E. Cheese near you starting on Monday, April 8, according to the company. However, the magical churros will only be available for a limited time nationwide. You've got about two months to enjoy Chuck E. Cheese's Unicorn Churros before they disappear from the menu on Thursday, June 6.

The launch of Unicorn Churros aligns almost perfectly with National Unicorn Day on Tuesday, April 9. I didn't know that was a thing, but apparently it is. Nowadays, it seems like there's a celebratory day for just about everything. Although, if anything is deserving of an entire day of celebration, it's unicorns.

Courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese

The Unicorn Churros will sell for $3.99, per the brand, so they won't break the bank or anything. Also, the Unicorn Churros will be available to order on DoorDash, just like Chuck E. Cheese's Valentine's Day offer was earlier this year. You can also snag them using Uber Eats and Grubhub as of April 8, according to Chuck E. Cheese.

The whimsical Unicorn Churros come in bright colors like pink, blue, and green, according to photos sent to Elite Daily by Chuck E. Cheese. Not to mention, the sweet fried dough treats come in the most adorable paper unicorn cup. Overall, the cup has a light purple background and features a cartoon-like unicorn on the front. Seriously, it's so cute.

I haven't been to Chuck E. Cheese since the late '90s, so this is a total trip down memory lane for me. The restaurant and entertainment center was a popular place for me and my friends to host birthday parties back in my elementary school days. I remember eating endless slices of pizza, crawling through tunnels, playing arcade games, and trying to win as many tickets as possible to redeem for prizes. I'm sure my parents loved it.

Courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese is also running a fun little promotion to go with the launch of Unicorn Churros. Here's how to participate. First, you'll need to style your hair to mimic a unicorn horn, according to Chuck E. Cheese. So, if you've got long hair, maybe try to bring your pony tail as close as you can to your forehead. Or, if you've got short hair, try styling it in such a way that looks like a unicorn horn.

The next step is to take a picture of your hair and then post it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #UnicornItChallenge, per Chuck E. Cheese. This is honestly the perfect challenge for me right now because my hair is the longest its ever been before. Chuck E. Cheese may select certain submissions to win a special surprise.

I haven't thought about going to Chuck E. Cheese since I was a kid, but these new Unicorn Churros may just be enough to bring me back.