Anna Shay and Christine Chiu in Bling Empire.

Here's How Christine Chiu Feels About Anna Shay After Watching 'Bling Empire'


It wouldn't be good reality TV without major drama, and Bling Empire certainly delivered on that front by depicting the rivalry between cast members Christine Chiu and Anna Shay. Anna, who comes from "old money," was often irritated by Christine's name-dropping and apparent jealousy, while Christine took issue with Anna's sometimes-petty antics. So, where do they stand now? Christine Chiu's recent quotes about her Bling Empire feud with Anna Shay reveal how she feels about her TV nemesis after Season 1.

When OprahMag.com asked Christine whether she felt like she or Anna "won" their Season 1 rivalry, Christine coyly responded: "Winning is a tricky word. It depends on how you define winning. How I would define winning is being happy in life ... We have health. Wealth in friendships and family. Laughter and safety. For that, we're both winners."

Christine seems to be taking the "high road" approach toward all her drama with Anna from Season 1. Even one of the biggest snubs of the season — when Anna changed the time on Christine's invitation to her party so she'd show up late — doesn't appear to faze her anymore.

"The fun part of Anna is that she has a lot of time on her hands. She has time to come up with games. That brings her pleasure. Maybe sometimes at other peoples' expense," Christine told OprahMag.com. "But if that gives her a little chuckle, that's okay. I can arrive later. I'm a big girl. I have a lot of other priorities in my life than to be bothered by a party."


When fans last saw Christine in Season 1, she was focused on throwing lavish events and making sure her son, Baby G, got into a good preschool after she and her husband, Gabriel, decided not to have more children. But the reality star hinted she'll have an even juicier storyline for Season 2, should Netflix renew Bling Empire.

"If you thought I dropped a big bomb in Season 1, you have no idea. There's something even greater," she said. Could Christine's new "bomb" have something to do with Anna? It would be fitting, since Anna's family did make its money from weapons, after all.

Until news of a Season 2 (and Christine's big surprise) is revealed, fans can rewatch Bling Empire Season 1 on Netflix now.