Chrissy Teigen hits the red carpet in a sage green dress.

Chrissy Posted A Video Of Luna Singing A Hella Creepy Song She Made Up

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It looks like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter, Luna, may have inherited some of her dad's musical genius. At 3 years old, Luna has already written her first song, and Teigen was sure to share it with the entire internet. Thanks to Teigen, the musical masterpiece is on Instagram for your listening pleasure, and if you pay close attention to the lyrics, you'll realize it's a doozy. Chrissy Teigen's video of Luna singing a song she made up will leave you shook.

You can probably remember the days when you woke up as a child and decided, "Nope, no school for me today," and you had to jump through hoops to convince your parents you weren't faking, right? Well, even celebrity children play hooky sometimes.

Teigen revealed that little Luna asked to stay home on Dec. 4 because she was feeling sick. True to form — Teigen also trolled her daughter later that day by posting an adorable photo where Luna looked vibrant and healthy. "Too sick for school eh," Teigen joked.

Don't worry though, because Luna was very productive during her day at home. After posing for a cute pic by the fireplace, Luna got right down to crafting her soon-to-be chart-topping hit.

The lyrics to Luna's song went a little something like this:

Momma lo love you all the day, all day. We la e o day. Momma love you...momma's gonna put you to bed.

So wholesome, right? Well, then, the song took a dark turn. They continued,

Momma loves you as much as she loves...all the dead, all the dead, all the people are red o dead, red o dead, red o dead, all the people are red o dead

Much like me, Teigen had questions about some of the lyrics to Luna's new bop. "What" she captioned the video.

Luna's song might have gotten weird real fast, but it was also an instant hit.

"TRADEMARK THIS NOW SHES A GENIUS," Jen Atkin wrote below Teigen's video, while another fan wrote: "Welp! She’s got the gift."

TBD whether Luna follows in her father's footsteps and embarks on a recording career, but, hey, she's off to a good start. And if all else fails, Luna could have one very successful career as a horror writer. Just a hunch.