Chrissy Teigen makes a television appearance.

Trolls Are Out Here Criticizing Chrissy For Feeding Her Kids Fresh Berries Now

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The clapback queen has struck again. Chrissy Teigen has never had a problem giving a piece of her mind to internet trolls, but it sounds like she's really at her wit's end this time around. After one Twitter user shaded Teigen for her food choices for her kids, Teigen wasn't having it. Chrissy Teigen's response to criticism over feeding her kids fresh berries was so warranted. I mean, c'mon, give the girl a break.

As you probs know, Teigen is a total kitchen queen and is always cooking up something new. It was via a video on her Cravings website in which Teigen shared the deets of an at home "menu" she created for her kids. Apparently, little Luna is quite the picky eater, so Teigen made a point to make meal time more fun.

According to Teigen, breakfast at their household might include Corn Flakes topped with raspberries, or, perhaps, Cheerios served with blueberries. Now, as a gal who grew up on a steady diet of Frosted Flakes, this sounds pretty hearty to me.

However, some trolls on Twitter decided to shade Teigen big-time for feeding her kids fresh berries. While the shade-filled tweets have since been deleted, Teigen's response is still visible. "I think I gotta leave the internet," she began by saying.

“‘You are so far removed from reality it’s scary’, over f*cking BERRIES, and I say I want to leave the internet,” she shot back. “And I am the one attacking. Amazing," Teigen said.

From the sounds of it, the shade was thrown because some thought Teigen's breakfast was unrealistic for families who can't afford fresh fruit. But seeing as Teigen is one of the most down-to-earth- celebs in existence, one can hardly blame her for being upset about the accusation.

Thankfully, some fans came to Teigen's defense, agreeing the claims were outlandish.

"It's berries for God's sake! You're doing a great job with your kids and seeing that they eat nutritious meals, which yes, people, fruit is a part of. Don't let idiots get to you. There has to always be someone with negative thoughts," one person wrote.

The internet is easily one of the most judgmental places in the world, but the berry controversy might just be one of the silliest Twitter criticisms of Teigen yet.