Chrissy Clapped Back At A Troll Who Accused Her Of Stealing Recipes

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We're nearly half way through 2020 and, by now, social media users should know Chrissy Teigen isn't one to sit back and stay silent when online trolls falsely accuse her of random things. Still, haters continue to slam her for every little thing, especially when it comes to her super successful Cravings business. All of her comebacks are classics, but Chrissy Teigen's response to accusations she stole recipes is one of her best yet.

Less than two weeks into May, Teigen has already had a stressful go at things on social media. On May 8, Teigen caught wind of chef Alison Roman's remarks about her cookbooks and kitchen product ventures, which were less than kind. Roman slammed Teigen for having "people running a content farm for her," which really hit Teigen where it hurts.

After Teigen called Roman's interview with New Consumer a "huge bummer" and shut down speculation she has people running her Cravings social media pages for her, Teigen decided to make her Twitter page private temporarily.

Roman has since issued a series of apologies on social media, which Teigen ultimately accepted. "Thank u for this, @alisoneroman. To be clear, it never once crossed my mind for u to apologize for what you genuinely thought!" Teigen tweeted on May 11. "The comments stung, but they moreso stung because they came from u! It wasn't my usual news break of some random person hating everything about me ... There are so many different types in this kind of situation & tbh, I just want it to be over."

But just as Teigen thought she was putting the drama behind her, another Twitter user decided to take aim at her. "You can’t cook or not copy someone’s idea from their cookbook!" the person tweeted. "It’s copying even tho you changed one thing! Come up with your own sh*t! Ya f*cking bum! Chef Mike saw your sh*t and might file a suit! I just saw you review and he called me! Stick with your Phillipino sh*t."

Instead of letting it get under her skin, Teigen quickly fired back: "No idea who chef mike is but he probably wouldn’t be happy to learn that you, a friend of his worthy of calling, is outing him about his impending lawsuit."

Yet, the Twitter use would not give up. Check out the full exchange below.

It seems after Teigen made her point clear that she has "never stolen a recipe from anyone," she decided to end the trivial conversation there. When someone asked her why she didn't keep fighting back, Teigen wrote: "I'm too tired, man." Fair enough.

Editor's Note: This article has been updated to accurately reflect the tweets.

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