Chrissy Went Private On Twitter & The Reason Why Will Really Bum You Out

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen knows how to keep it real. Whether she's faced with backlash for how she raises her kids, or criticism simply for living her best life, Teigen is the master of responding to hate with humor and positivity. Recently, though, it was remarks made by chef Alison Roman about Teigen's business ventures that really affected her, and they were even the reason Chrissy Teigen went private on Twitter.

It all started on Thursday, May 8, when Teigen read Roman's recent interview with New Consumer, in which the Nothing Fancy cookbook author took aim at Teigen and her business empire.

"What Chrissy Teigen has done is so crazy to me," Roman told New Consumer, pointing fingers at Teigen's line of cookbooks and kitchen products. "She had a successful cookbook. And then it was like: Boom, line at Target. Boom, now she has an Instagram page that has over a million followers where it’s just, like, people running a content farm for her. That horrifies me and it’s not something that I ever want to do. I don’t aspire to that. But like, who’s laughing now? Because she’s making a ton of f***ing money."

Teigen made it clear that Roman's words hurt her, tweeting: "This is a huge bummer and hit me hard. I have made her recipes for years now, bought the cookbooks, supported her on social, and praised her in interviews."

After noting how much pain she felt reading Roman's interview, Teigen defended her business: "There are many days I cry very hard because cravings, the site, is our baby we love to pump content onto. we do this work ourselves, and there is NO monetary gain yet. it is just work work work and the reward is you liking it. so to be called a sellout....hooooo it hurts."

In response to Teigen's tweets, Roman backtracked on her comments, apologizing to Teigen in a series of tweets. "Hi @chrissyteigen! I sent an email but also wanted to say here that I’m genuinely sorry I caused you pain with what I said," she wrote. "I shouldn’t have used you /your business (or Marie’s!) as an example to show what I wanted for my own career- it was flippant, careless and I’m so sorry. Being a woman who takes down other women is absolutely not my thing and don’t think it’s yours, either (I obviously failed to effectively communicate that). I hope we can meet one day, I think we’d probably get along."

Days later, it seemed Teigen wasn't over the hurt, as Roman's comments had set off a wave of hate comments toward Teigen. That's why she decided to take measures into her own hands in hopes to weed out the negative vibes, aka, making her Twitter account private.

"I really hate what this drama has caused this week," Teigen tweeted on May 10. "Calling my kids Petri dish babies or making up flight manifests with my name on them to 'Epstein island', to justify someone else’s disdain with me seems gross to me so I’m gonna take a little break."

Teigen alluded to the fact that it wasn't just what Roman said about her, but what others said, piggy-backing off Roman's remarks. "This is what always happens," Teigen wrote. "The first day, a ton of support, then the next, 1 million reasons as to why you deserved this. It never fails."

Those already following Teigen on Twitter are safe and will continue to see her content while she takes a break from the noise on social media to find a more positive headspace.