Chrissy Teigen's tweets about Alison Roman clapped back for dissing her cooking empire.

Chrissy Teigen Clapped Back After A Famous Chef Dissed Her With An Illuminating Twitter Thread

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Chrissy Teigen rarely lets anyone get away with slamming her on social media if it cuts deep, especially if someone is targeting her business. Recently, a fellow famous cook made some remarks about Teigen's success, accusing Teigen of selling out. Chrissy Teigen's tweets about Alison Roman clarify some things about her cooking empire in an illuminating thread.

Roman is a New York Times contributor and her cookbook, Nothing Fancy, topped the NYT best-seller list after it hit shelves last fall, but apparently, she isn't a big fan of Teigen's business model. In a recent interview with The New Consumer, Roman discussed Teigen's empire, but not in the most positive light. Roman got on the topic after the interviewer asked her if she'd ever be interested in creating her own product line.

"I love my Le Creuset Dutch oven — I don’t need to make a Dutch oven. I love my restaurant supply sheet pans. I don’t need to make a sheet pan," she began. Making it clear that she doesn't feel selling products is her style, she stopped to bring up examples of chefs and professionals turning to product creation, calling out Marie Kondo, as well as Teigen, for their pursuits in the world of consumerism.

"Like, what Chrissy Teigen has done is so crazy to me. She had a successful cookbook. And then it was like: Boom, line at Target. Boom, now she has an Instagram page that has over a million followers where it’s just, like, people running a content farm for her," Roman said. "That horrifies me and it’s not something that I ever want to do. I don’t aspire to that. But like, who’s laughing now? Because she’s making a ton of f***ing money."

Teigen came across the interview and wasn't happy about Roman's harsh critique. Taking to Twitter, Teigen enlightened her followers on her relationship with Roman and revealed more information on how she handles her cooking empire. Teigen tweeted, "This is a huge bummer and hit me hard. I have made her recipes for years now, bought the cookbooks, supported her on social, and praised her in interviews." Teigen continued, revealing that she is reportedly involved in the production of Roman's new television show.

She continued, "I started Cravings because I wanted something for myself. I wanted something John didn't buy, I wanted something to do that calmed me, made me happy, and made others happy, too." Teigen revealed that her team only consists of a few people, including herself.

"I didn't 'sell out' by making my dreams come true," Teigen clapped back. Teigen continued to say that creating a cookware line was part of her dream.

"I genuinely loved everything about Alison," Teigen said. "[I] was jealous she got to have a book with food on the cover instead of a face!"

She continued by expressing how much Roman's words stung and surprised her, also defending Kondo from Roman's critiques.

Teigen went on to discuss the hard work she's put into her company, expressing why she felt the need to respond to Roman's comments.

Teigen called her website, Cravings, her baby, and challenged Roman's accusations of her being a sellout by revealing all the work she puts into the site is for people's enjoyment and not monetary gain. She concluded the thread by refuting Roman's claim that Teigen has a "farm" of content creators helping her build her online presence.

Roman has since responded to Teigen in a Twitter statement, apologizing for how she spoke in the interview, writing "I shouldn't have used you/your business (or Marie's!) as an example to show what I wanted for my own career."

She continued, "Being a woman who takes down other women is absolutely not my thing and don’t think it’s yours, either (I obviously failed to effectively communicate that)."

If there's one enlightening fact that came out of Teigen's tweets, it's that she's handling most of her own empire on her own, and that it's a total labor of love.