Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Engagement Body Language Is SO Intimate

by Candice Jalili

For those of you who may have thought 2018 was the year of the quick celebrity engagement, 2019 is officially here to give you a run for your money. While it feels like just yesterday that they announced their split, Anna Faris's movie star ex is officially moving on with his life. And Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger's engagement body language shows that their engagement, while quick, isn't totally out of left field. The two are definitely super comfortable with each other.

"Overall they have a great thing going," shares Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point. "If my suspicions are right, they're doing their best to show that to the world with the pics they post. I think we'll see lots more great times from them."

Elite Daily asked Brown and Patti Wood, body language expert and author of SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, to look at the two photos Pratt has shared of himself and Schwarzenegger: one that he posted in honor of her birthday back in December, and one that he just posted in honor of their recent engagement.

The two images say a lot about their relationship and give us a lot of intel into what their relationship is really is like.

Even before they were engaged, they were genuinely happy together.

News of their relationship first broke in June, when E! reported that Pratt and Schwarzenegger have been "on multiple low key dates and have been talking consistently for the last two months or so."

"These two are great together," states Brown. "I love the big smiles and way they're smiling with their eyes. That's real happiness. Looks like they have a ton of fun. Are there signs of engagement? Not necessarily, but who wouldn't want to spend their life with someone they have this much fun with?"

Very fair point, Brown. Very fair point.

Wood agrees that the two are happy together but she asks us to look a little more closely at their facial expressions in the two images of them together.

“The kiss that he’s giving her is really interesting to me because it’s what I would call a ‘sleepy kiss,'" she explains. “The way he’s got his eye almost all the way closed and the way he has his lips up against her cheek, it’s this interesting combination of very sexual and intimate and also has that sleepy first-kiss-of-the-morning kind of feel to it energetically when you look at it."

Lars Niki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That being said, it's Schwarzenegger's reaction to Pratt's 'sleepy kiss' that fascinates Wood the most. "I think it’s more striking because her response is very much for the camera," Wood says. "Her head is way forward in front of him and she’s happy but there’s also this extra forced for the camera part of her smile that I’m seeing in the other photos as well.”

Wood adds that: "It doesn’t mean it’s not real; it just means there’s an extra level to it that’s for the camera."

Moving on to my personal favorite picture of them, the one with the face masks, Wood, again, has some thoughts on Schwarzenegger's facial expression.

"His facial expression to match the costume and he’s being a little bit playful with it," she says. "She’s not especially animated. When I blow up that face, if you look, the smile is not like any other smile in this collage. It’s just closed and suppressed. It’s not lit up. She’s behind that mask and I’m not seeing that sort of playfulness I would expect to see."

Their engagement photo is extremely intimate.

"This one shows lots of emotion and a super intimate moment. See how his eyes are closed? That's soaking in the feeling of forever! And he's kissing her on the temple which can be a sign of protection," says Brown. "What a great moment. But I do have some questions about this. Is she feeling the moment too with her eyes closed? Or is she looking at the ring? And is he taking a selfie? Surely there's not someone else there... unless there is. So this may not be as candid as they want us to think."

Wood is also a little confused about how the intimate photo could have possibly been taken. "This other photo is interesting in that, again, he doesn’t have his eyes fully open," she says. "I’m wondering how they even got this photo because there’s part of it that’s incredibly intimate. He’s feeling this inside of the kiss, he’s being pulled into it. It’s almost salaciously intimate to me."

Wood also points out that there's an effort on Schwarzenegger's end to bring Pratt closer to her. "The way she has her hands to be up and around him, see how the fingers are sort of awkwardly straight and pointed, rather than tenderly wrapped around? There’s an effort," she points out. "It’s an effortful hold on him, to pull him into her and it’s effortful. There’s some tension to it. It’s not relaxed. You can even see with the folds in his neck that she is making an effort to pull him in."

Alison Buck/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"Having said that, she has her head bowed and she’s taking the kiss," Wood continues. "It’s not a photo I would normally see. It’s this captured intimate moment in some way to me."

What really matters is that both body language experts agree that the two look genuinely happy. And, for those of you who were concerned, Faris is happy for them too! So we're all good on all fronts. Congrats to the happy couple!

Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily