Chris Harrison said Peter Weber and Madison Prewett don't have a future

Chris Harrison Gave The Most Bleak Interview About Peter & Madi's Future

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You would think Bachelor host Chris Harrison — who's been helping singles fall in love for nearly 18 years — would be a romantic. However, just days after The Bachelor Season 24 finale, Chris Harrison said Peter Weber and Madison Prewett's future together doesn't seem promising to him, and I'm seriously shook. After all, he was the one who flew to Prewett's hometown of Auburn, Alabama, without Weber's knowledge, hoping to convince her to give the pilot another chance. Harrison was also the one who said he was "shocked" and "saddened" by Barb Weber's harsh criticism of the couple. But now the host is admitting what he really thinks about Weber and Prewett, and he's not holding back.

To be fair, Harrison wished the pair well at the end of the live show, and he genuinely seems to be rooting for them. Unfortunately, as he admitted during a March 11 interview with Us Weekly, he isn't holding out hope they'll last. "Look, it's easy to get on social media and rip them apart and tell everybody they're not gonna make it," he said. "Odds are, they aren't." Who would have thought the guy who encourages strangers to get engaged two months after meeting would be a realist? (Elite Daily reached out to reps for Weber and Prewett for comment on the future of their relationship and did not hear back in time for publication.)

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Even more surprising is the fact that Harrison doesn't even see his own relationship lasting long-term. Though he's been dating Entertainment Tonight senior producer Lauren Zima for over a year now, he told Us Weekly that he doesn't see them walking down the aisle anytime soon... or maybe ever. "Odds are me and my girlfriend aren't [going to last]," he added. "That's life." Oh, and did I mention Zima was his date at the Seagram's Escapes Tropical Rosé launch party where Harrison gave his bleak prediction about their relationship? #Awkward.

While the Bachelor host doesn't seem to be feeling particularly optimistic about Pilot Pete's relationship or his own, he did say he doesn't see the point in all the online hate Weber and Prewett have been getting. "When they break up or if they break up or if they get married, we can all talk about that," he said. "But right now, what do you get from telling them they suck? They know the score." Do they? Neither Weber nor Prewett have said anything about their own hope for the future since "After the Final Rose," so Bachelor Nation fans will just have to see whether they exceed Harrison's (and Mama Barb's) expectations.