Chris Evans' Zodiac Sign Says He's A Charming Partner

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If there are two things Chris Evans is famous for, it's playing Captain America (and having America's butt) and being ultra-private about his dating life. And although he's been reportedly linked to several people over the years, from Jessica Biel to (most recently) Lily James, they remain unconfirmed for the most part, which all makes a lot of sense considering Chris Evans’ zodiac sign.

Evans was born June 13, 1981, under the sign of Gemini. This air sign likes to keep things light and breezy in their relationships. They're defined by their intellectual curiosity and short attention span, which means that they tend to fall quickly in and out relationships on a whim. This would be off-putting if they just weren't so darn charming. Ruled by Mercury, the planet associated with communication, Gemini has a real way with words. They're funny and clever and thoughtful in how they speak, so spending time with them is always great. So while they might not always be in it for a long time, you can be sure it'll be a good time. And although it may take some trial and error for a Gemini like Evans to find their right fit, at the end of the day this is a sign that wants to find a forever partner to settle down with. It's just that they just intend to have the maximum amount of fun along the way. Here’s what else we can deduce about what Evans is like as a partner based on his zodiac sign.

Relationships often begin quickly with Gemini.

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Gemini's not shy about going after whatever or whoever catches their eye. They tend to have plenty of confidence, as they're skilled communicators with a quick wit and have little trouble charming people. And when you catch the interest of Gemini, it can be very difficult to resist them. In a world where it seems like everyone's too busy staring at their phones or thinking about themselves, Gemini's a fresh breath of air. Not only are they a great conversationalist, but they're also an excellent listener who takes a genuine interest in getting to know others, which makes it easy to get swept off your feet. Because Gemini follows their instincts, their relationships can progress quickly.

Holding onto Gemini’s interest is the tricky part.

While getting over the hump from dating to being Instagram official may happen rapidly with Gemini, staying in that place can prove to be more of a challenge. That's because Gemini has very little patience for lack of momentum. They want to be constantly challenged, surprised, and engaged. If that isn't happening in the relationship, Gemini starts looking for the exit. Then, just as quickly as they blow into your life, they blow out.

Gemini needs plenty of space and independence.

While in their heart of hearts Gemini might be seeking a serious partnership with someone who shares their enthusiasm for a life journey, they don't want a partner who has to be with them every day and night. They like to have their own space to explore, be social, and just do them. They're also attracted to people with their passions and interests who are independent enough to give them room to breathe.

Gemini is playful and fun in bed.

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Gemini is known for their great versatility. Put a Gemini in just about any setting and they can easily blend in. This same kind of willingness to give just about anything a try makes Gemini an adventurous and uninhibited lover. Whatever kinks or experiments you want to explore, you can bet Gemini enthusiastically up for them. They also don't take themselves too seriously; they love to giggle and chat, so bedtime with Gemini is playtime full of laughter and lovin’.

If you weren’t already crushing on Evans, (and who could blame you, between his hotness, patriotism, and feminism) then consider him your new celebrity obsession. Whoever does manage to steal his heart (Lily James, I’m rooting for you!) is in for a fun, flirty, and loving life with this Gemini cutie.