Lexi From 'Cheer' Has A Makeup Instagram & You Need To See These Looks


After starting the show on the outskirts of the team, ending as a beloved member and fan-favorite, leaving the team, and coming back, Navarro College cheerleader and star in Netflix's Cheer, Lexi Brumback has more talents up her sleeve than landing countless flips and double fulls. Brumback has a makeup and art Instagram account, @lexis_b_art, where she shows off her artistic side on paper and on her face. If you fell in love with the high-flying cheerleader and are stressed about Netflix's silence on Cheer season 2, Brumback's second 'gram will help you fill the void with her truly fire makeup skills.

"Do y'all count makeup as art? Because I was thinking about posting my favorite looks on here too," Brumback captioned her first makeup photo on her art Instagram. Of course, no one objected. The look itself features a thick blue eyeliner wing outlined in black with a frosty white eyeshadow on the rest of the lid, with a sticker on the pic reading, "Ice, ice, baby." Each photo features the cheerleader's immaculately filled-in eyebrows, impeccable cut creases, and, of course, glitter. The amount of precision her complex eye looks require seem to be on par with one of Nararro's cheer routines. But, anyone coached by Monica Aldama has loads of control and a steady hand.

"If I wouldn't have came here, I'd be sitting in a jail cell right about now," Brumback said in the first episode. The emotional end to Cheer season 1 left Brumback kicked off the squad after allegedly being caught with illegal substances in a car. But, off-screen, Brumback made her way back into Aldama's good graces and is back on the Navarro team. After struggling to open up to her teammates, Brumback eventually came to share more of herself with her teammates on the show, and is sharing more of her life with everyone on social media. With that happy ending, there's no choice but to stan the cheerleader's beauty Instagram.

Brumback only began posting her makeup on Tuesday, Feb. 11, and she's already racked up over 13,000 followers on her art account. Previously, fans only had flyer Morgan Simianer's competition beauty routine of sleeping in her makeup to copy, so hopefully, with Brumback's new vocation, fans will soon have a full-blown Navarro competition beauty routine. Something needs to fill the cheerleader-sized hole in my heart until season 2 comes out.