The Reason 'Cheer's Morgan Simianer Sleeps In Her Makeup Is Honestly Relatable

Courtesy of Netflix

The way Monica Aldama pushes, supports, and coaches the members of the Navarro College cheer team makes me wish I had one tenth of the discipline those kids have. Which is why it's a bit surprising that flyer Morgan Simianer does this major beauty no-no. In an interview with, Simianer said she sleeps in a full face of makeup before a competition, and that is, honestly, so relatable. Not sure about you, but I take huge comfort in knowing someone who performs gravity-defying somersaults through the air can be just as lazy in the mornings as I am.

What's the athlete's reasoning for sleeping in a full beat? "I'm not a morning person," Simianer told, adding, "We usually have a team dinner the night before [an event], so I just sleep in my makeup after dinner and wake up to re-curl my hair." Can't blame her for not being a morning person. While Simianer didn't reveal how much work goes into her competition makeup, I'd imagine it would take at least an hour between both hair and makeup. The extra rest must be worth risking clogged pores since — spoilers! — Simianer made mat during the docuseries, but those around Simianer may disagree. The cheerleader also told, "People tell me that this part of my morning routine is disgusting, but I really just don't do mornings." Though you shouldn't sleep in a full face of makeup (think of your pillowcase and your skin), you can't knock Siminaer for knowing what works for her.

And sleeping in full performance-day makeup isn't the only habit of hers in contrast with her disciplined, cheerleading persona — she's also a compulsive gum chewer. Simianer said, "I'm not sure if it is because I get nervous or if it's just something that helps with stress. I like to have gum in my mouth." It's not that surprising that the aerial gymnast may be stressed — I mean, she gets catapulted in the air from one teammate to the other in front of large crowds — but it's nice to know she deals with it the same way us earthbound people do.

If you're looking for some more applicable beauty advice from the Cheer stars, Monica Aldama told the Wall Street Journal, "I really take a lot of Omega3, everyone needs to take it. It makes your skin amazing ... I also use Proactiv every single day." So for those of us a little more worried about our pores, you can turn to the coach for guidance, if that's your thing.