Charli Addressed Rumors Her Parents Force Her To TikTok & She Did NOT Hold Back

Jacopo Raule/WireImage/Getty Images

Influencers are known for their large followings and constantly posting to their feeds, but some of their parents end up cultivating their own followings because of their kids' personal success. From "momager" Kris Jenner to Sheri Easterling, there's no shortage of famous parents on social media. Just because an influencer's parents are online, however, doesn't mean they're micromanaging their teen's career. Charli D'Amelio's response to rumors her parents force her to TikTok is straight to the point and addresses all of the speculation about why she posts so much content.

Charli had quite a successful 2020, and debuted a surplus of content for her fans. She wrote a book, held virtual dance classes, and even got her very own Dunkin' drink. The 16-year-old stayed busy, but some of her critics are entering the new year with a skeptical outlook on the A-lister's TikTok. On Jan. 18, Charli took to her comments section to shut down rumors about her parents controlling her activity on the app and proved her haters wrong once again.

"I am so fortunate to have such amazing parents and when people spread fake hurtful and false rumors about my family I have to put my foot down," Charli wrote. This comment was one of three she posted about the situation, and it seems like she was truly hurt by the speculation about her family. "I have an amazing dad and family who have never hurt or have taken advantage of me ever please stop spreading these lies."

Charli is not the first D'Amelio sister to address rumors about the her parents. Dixie responded to one commenter in November 2020 who asked, "Why does Dixies parents treat her so bad?" Her answer was simple: "[They don't.]"

For some reason, the D'Amelio family attracts a decent amount of baseless controversy from the internet. While Charli did break down in tears on Instagram Live on Nov. 18, 2020, it was all about drama with fellow influencer Trisha Paytas and not her parents. Plus, she went back to posting her regular content soon after. If anything, Charli says her parents act as a support system whenever she just needs to get away from all the noise on social media.

"If I am not in the mood to post [I don't,] no one is forcing me. [My] parents care about my mental health more than anything," she wrote in the conclusion of her statement on the matter.

Hopefully the whole world will get to see just how supportive Charli and Dixie's parents are when the family launches their Hulu show in 2021. Until then, critics will have to take their word that all is well in the D'Amelio household.