Charli D'Amelio Opens Up About Cyberbullying

Charli D'Amelio Got Real About The Cyberbullying She Faces On TikTok

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The internet can be a great place to make new friends from all over the world, but it also opens the door to online haters. TikTok star Charli D'Amelio is all too familiar. She skyrocketed to social media stardom, amassing 35 million followers within a year on TikTok. And while fans cheered her on from behind their mobile devices, others spewed rude comments. Charli D'Amelio's quotes about cyberbullying are hard to hear, but D'Amelio isn't letting it get to her.

On March 10, D'Amelio appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss how she and her sister Dixie D'Amelio are using their platforms to bring attention to cyberbullying.

"We paired up with UNICEF for Internet Safety Day and talking about how cyberbullying really can affect people," D'Amelio explained. "I feel like it's really important to raise awareness about that because a lot of people don't like talking about the hate they get."

The issue is one close to D'Amelio, as she's received an onslaught of hate across her social media accounts.

"I know, especially me, I get a lot," she shared. "I'd rather use the platform that I have now to talk and raise awareness because yeah it hurts when I'm getting it like [as] me, but it hurts the same when I'm in school and someone would comment, 'Oh, you're ugly,' under my Instagram post and I had, like, 40 followers. It hurts the same."

She continued, "So I feel like it's very, very important raising awareness about that and just showing everyone it's OK to not be OK, you just have to know that these people aren't worth your time."

As for the people who do love D'Amelio, she teased an opportunity for them to meet her in the summer. Location? TBA, but the word "tour" was used, which might allude to a meet up in the Hype House in Los Angeles.

"We have something planned for the summer where I'm hopefully going to get to meet a lot of fans and people that follow me," she hinted.

"Like, maybe a tour?" pressed Fallon.

"Yeah, maybe something like that over the summer. Very exciting," she added.

Clearly, D'Amelio is rising above it all. If there's anything to learn from the TikTok star, it's that she's not letting the haters keep her from enjoying her life and success, and she's hoping cyberbullies won't keep her fans from enjoying their lives, too.