Carvel Is Giving Away Ice Cream Cones For Only 85 Cents Today, So Get Excited

by Collette Reitz
Courtesy of Carvel

I don't know about you, but my ice cream cravings tend to be few and far between during the winter months. However, once the weather starts to warm up, I could go for a scoop of the stuff daily. Of course, I try not to indulge a cone-a-day habit for health reasons, but it could also put a dent in your summer budget. If you're looking to celebrate the beginning of May with a sweet treat that won't break the bank, Carvel's 85 cent cone day on May 2 is the perfect choice.

You'll be able to raise a cone to warmer spring days (and to summer coming up right around the corner) on Thursday, May 2 at participating full service shops near you, thanks to Carvel celebrating 85 years of service. So, what exactly is the deal? Let me give you the full scoop (sorry, I had to): On May 2, participating locations will offer junior soft serve cones and cups for just 85 cents, according to Carvel. (According to a fast food prices website, the junior cone or cup usually goes for $2.77, so you're saving almost two bucks.) There is a limit of one 85 cent cone (or cup) per person, but you can get whatever soft-serve ice cream flavor is available in your local shop. Per a Carvel press release announcing the deal, those options include flavors like cold brew coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. Yum!

Courtesy of Carvel

IDK about you, but I'll forgo a traditional midday pick-me-up for an 85 cent cone of cold brew soft-serve ice cream any day. Oh, and even better news about this deal is there are no time constraints. As long as your participating local shop is open on Thursday, May 2, the 85 cent cone deal is yours for the taking, per the release. According to Nicolle DuBose, Senior Director of Marketing at Carvel, the brand is excited to share this delicious discount in honor of the momentous day. She shared in the release:

[85 cent] Cone Day is a way for us to give back to the loyal fans who’ve helped Carvel reach this milestone. Eighty-five years after Tom Carvel invented soft serve ice cream by happenstance, we continue to look toward the future to give our fans the delicious, home-made ice cream, iconic characters, tasty innovation and sweet celebrations they know and love. Here’s to the next 85!

For East Coast fans of Carvel, you can celebrate both the 85 cent cone deal on May 2 and the re-release of one of the brand's limited edition beer created in partnership with Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, the Cookie Puss Milkshake IPA. This beer was originally released in February 2019 along with the Cookie O'Puss Pastry Stout. The Cookie Puss Milkshake IPA was only sold in New York at the time, but now, beer-lovers and ice cream aficionados alike can get a taste with its East Coast expansion as of May 2019 to Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington D.C, according to the Carvel website.

So, what does an ice cream-inspired beer taste like? This celebratory 7.5 percent ABV IPA is actually brewed with Carvel's famous vanilla ice cream, which creates a rich beer that features a "full-body taste and texture," per the brand.

Courtesy of Carvel

The Cookie Puss Birthday Beer, aka the Cookie Puss Milkshake IPA, is only in select East Coast locations in Captain Lawrence Brewing's distribution area, so not everyone will be able to celebrate with a pint. But there are Carvel locations all across the U.S., so double check with your local shop that they're participating in 85 cent cone day on May 2 (they likely are), and get ready to indulge in a discounted cone to officially kick off ice cream season.