Cardi B Shared The Cutest Video Of Offset Styling Kulture's Hair

by Hollee Actman Becker
Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cardi B just scored a new hairdresser for her daughter, and it turns out it's none other than her baby girl's daddy! That's right, you guys — Migos rapper Offset has officially taken over as the adorable tot's glam squad. And Cardi B's video of Offset styling Kulture's hair is the cutest thing you will see all day. I mean, the sweet daddy-daughter moment is legit amazing, and the internet is, of course, loving every second of it.

OK, so on August 4, the "Bodek Yellow" rapper hit up Instagram to share a video of Offset holding Kulture and struggling to smooth her baby hairs — or lay down her edges — with a soft-bristled toothbrush, while his little girl nonchalantly munched on an orange and hilariously tried to swat his hand away. The whole amazing scene was captured by Cardi herself, who narrated the action from somewhere off-screen and copped to messing up the ~lewk~ when she initially put Kulture's hair up into ponytails.

"See I think it's because.... I think it's because I left too much hair out," she admitted.

"It's alright," Offset responded while he kept right on combing. And OMG is he not just the cutest, most chill and hands-on dad ever?

Take a look:

Awww! And can we discuss the fact that Dora the Explorer is playing in the background? Cardi B and Offset — they're just like us!

Anyhoo, Twitter pretty much exploded with love over the tender-hearted event.

Check out some of these tweets:

Meanwhile, Kulture celebrated hitting the 12-month mark just a month ago on July 10, and the pics from her big day were super cute. See, Cardi let Kulture stay up until midnight so they could start celebrating the second she turned one. She then shared a picture on Instagram of her little one sitting on the kitchen counter next to a tray of cupcakes and big balloon bouquet as she smeared icing all over her mama's face.

"A little quick 12 o clock turn up," she wrote in her caption. "My baaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....OK goodbye."

Later that same day, Cardi rolled back up to Insta with a sweet slideshow that showcased all the cutest moments of her baby girl's first year of life set to an unreleased rap song. Using a sample of Eve’s 1999 single "Love Is Blind," the "Invasion of Privacy" singer raps as photos and videos of baby Kulture appear on the screen.

"Thank you everybody for wishing my sweet baby a Happy Birthday," Cardi wrote in the caption. "I made this song one day before I turned in my album and Eve gave me the green light for the beat I was so grateful! She a real one! I love my baby she changed my life."

Obviously, both Offset and Cardi are hands-on parents who have so much love for their sweet baby girl. And lucky for us, they have been so great about sharing pictures and videos with all of their fans.

Stay tuned for Kulture's next amazing milestone!