Cardi B attends an event for Def Jam with daughter Kulture.

Cardi B Clapped Back At Haters Criticizing Kulture's Lavish New Birkin Bag

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At 2 years old, Cardi B's daughter is already living the high life. When baby Kulture celebrated her second birthday on July 10, she was showered with lavish gifts. But one gift, a Birkin handbag from her dad, Offset, had fans rolling their eyes at the high-priced present. Now, Cardi B is responding to haters criticizing Kulture's Birkin bag, and her message in response to the hate was so passionate.

There was no denying Kulture's bday extravaganza was over the top. For starters, she was gifted a pink mini Bugatti which, even in its kid-sized form, was one impressive ride. Kulture was then given a genuine Birkin bag from Offset, who shared a video of the moment his daughter received the purse. However, the video set some fans off, who criticized Kulture's parents for dropping too much money on their daughter. "Why does a 2 year old need that?" one person commented on Instagram. "She's probably more excited about the box."

It didn't take long for Cardi to catch wind of the shade-filled remarks, and she went off in a video posted to her Instagram story.

"I hate when people, like, when a celebrity buy their kids jewelry and, like you know, designer sh*t, people be like, 'Kids don't care about that. They only care about toys and candy,'" she said. "Yeah, kids only care about toys and candy but the thing is the kids also go outside. You know what I'm saying? Kids go to restaurants, kids go to fancy places... celebrity kids, they go do red carpets. And if I'm fly and daddy's fly, then so is the kid."

Cardi made it very clear Kulture will be receiving all the finer things in life, so fans ought to get used to it. "If I was looking like a bad b*tch, expensive b*tch, and I have my kid looking like a bum bum, then y'all would be talking sh*t," she added. "So I'm not mad that daddy bought baby a Birkin. She's gonna match mommy."

Cardi has proven time and time again to be the clapback queen, and when it comes to her Kulture, she's always ready to take a stand.