BRB, Making An Appointment To Copy Cardi B's New Cut & Color

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You guys, it's been a minute since Cardi B has rocked anything other than dark hair, but she just took to Instagram to show off a new 'do, and our girl is back to blonde. Yup, Cardi B's blonde bob just made an appearance on IG, and while I'd argue the singer can pull off any look, her light locks are my personal fave. Long live blonde Cardi!

When Cardi B first started making waves in the music scene, it felt like she was changing up her hair every hour on the hour. She tried every color and cut under the sun, from black to purple to long to short, and guess what? She slayed them all, no surprise here. Still, Cardi has been keeping things fairly low-key when it comes to her stands this year, sticking mostly with darker hues and simple styles. As a lover of blonde, I was thrilled to see her posting with a new platinum 'do — and it's a bob no less! Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, and pretty much anyone who's anyone in Hollywood right now is sporting short strands, so Cardi's blonde bob is the perfect fall look.

The singer posted this photo, snapped by celeb photog @shotbyjuliann, and I was like, Okurrrr, she looks bomb:

The new look features a wig by brand Glam Lace, expertly snatched by Cardi's fave hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez. Cardi has been rocking a bob for quite some time now, but she's stuck to a dark brunette, almost-black hue for much of the year.

At the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week, she paired her dark bob with the most stylish fedora ever created:

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And even out and about in Paris, Cardi paired a sexy purple 'fit with sleek, short strands:


That said, she still leans towards longer locks when it comes to performing. I totally get that; long hair is fun to whip around onstage!

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I love that Cardi has been favoring short strands, and the bright blonde is such a fun update. The last time Cardi posted on IG as a blonde was back in August, and even then, she had a long blonde pony, so different from her short new bob.

Still, this was a look and a half, so I'll give credit where credit is due:

Just when I was crossing my fingers her new 'do would stick around for a while, Cardi posted on her Instagram Stories in a head-to-toe orange ensemble, complete with a long orange wig. Sigh. I'm sad to see the blonde wasn't a permanent look for the singer, but I can't lie, the orange strands are fire, too.

How could I be mad at this? It's a huge mood:

Cardi B/Instagram

And obvi, Cardi is feeling her fully orange 'fit:

Cardi B/Instagram

She can't wear her performance gear forever, though, so let's all say a prayer that when Cardi B takes her orange wig off, she puts the blonde bob back on. I want more blonde Cardi all fall long!