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Cardi B Announced She's Dropping A Hair Care Line Later This Year

Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

After showing off her amazing homemade hair masks over the past year, Cardi B's finally launching her own hair care line sometime in 2021. Her inspiration for this new endeavor came from caring for her and her daughter Kulture's hair in quarantine. But, in true Cardi B fashion, that's not the end-all be-all of it. She also plans on using her new business to educate people on different hair textures. The world truly doesn't deserve Cardi B.

The announcement started when the rapper tweeted on March 29 about assumptions people make about ethnicity and hair. When things devolved the way they often do on Twitter, Cardi B took to Instagram, sharing her original tweet, some backlash responses, and her hair over the years. "I think it's time for people to educate themselves on nationality, race, and ethnicity. Being Hispanic/Latina don’t make your hair long, don’t make your skin light, or don’t make your face features slim," she wrote. "DNA have something to do with your hair not your nationality but guess what you can always maintain your hair." It was also in that post that she announced her new hair line.

The performer has been on a hair journey since 2014 when her hair didn't grow past her shoulders. Now, Cardi B's natural hair is waist-length and incredibly glossy, in part due to her DIY hair masks. Caring for both her thick, frizzy hair and Kulture's ultra-coiled hair means she's versed in different textures' needs. It's unknown, however, if any of those recipes will show up in her hair care line. However, I hope the enriching ingredients like argan oil, black castor oil, and olive oil make an appearance, I'm not exactly sure how people would feel about the mayo.

There's no way to know exactly when Cardi B's new line will drop. It could be tomorrow, next month, or even all the way in December. Luckily, you can follow along with one of her tutorials to get a similar treatment while you wait.