Captain America's Phone Number Is In 'Avengers: Infinity War,' But Don't Get Too Excited


Avengers: Infinity War gave eagle-eyed viewers a way to connect with Captain America personally, or at least, that's what it seemed like. Early on in the new movie, Tony Stark pulls out a comically outdated flip phone and dials up his frenemy Captain America to warn him about Thanos's hunt for the Infinity Stones. And yes — Captain America's phone number is visible in the Avengers: Infinity War scene... and it looks like an actual, legit phone number: no 555s or anything. Naturally, I quickly jotted Cap's digits so I could see what happens if I gave him a ring after the movie.

In case you missed the Captain America's number when it quickly flashed on the screen, Avengers: Infinity War shows Tony Stark calling the following phone number to get a hold of Steve Rogers: 678-136-7092. Usually, movies and TV shows that feature phone numbers will make the digits up, famously using 555 as the first three numbers in order to indicate that the number does not connect to an actual phone. That's why it was so unexpected to see a real-looking number pop up on the screen in a massive blockbuster like Avengers: Infinity War.

When I called the number, I kind of assumed that I might hear a fun little recorded message from Marvel — maybe a jokey away message that the studio had Chris Evans record in character as an Easter egg for fans or something like that — but there was no such luck. Instead, the number is disconnected, and all fans will hear is a recording telling you that the number you have dialed is incorrect. Although Cap's number leads to a dead end, there is still one small Easter egg within the digits — the area code 678 locates the number in Atlanta, which is a nod to where the movie was filmed and produced, in Georgia.

Even though the phone number does not lead to anything, the fact that Tony Stark is carrying a flip phone does pay tribute to a sweet moment within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The jarring juxtaposition of Stark's futuristic, hi-tech Iron Man suit and the fact that he carries a severely outdated cell phone is meant to stand out, and it was met with a theater full of laughter when I saw Infinity War. While it is a funny moment, Stark's flip phone also alludes to the touching bond that he and Captain America share, even after the faction-splitting events of Captain America: Civil War.

In Civil War, Iron Man and Captain America went from allies to enemies after a heated dispute over whether the Avengers should agree to be regulated by the government or not. After Cap's bestie Bucky Barnes reemerges and commits a terrorist act, the animosity between the two OG Avengers builds even more, as Cap discovers that Bucky has been brainwashed, but Stark sees Rogers' defense of Bucky as a turn to the dark side. Finally, at the end of the movie, we get the Captain America vs. Iron Man fight that it has been building up to, and it ends with the two heroes parting ways, still on bad terms.

But, there is still a bit of love beneath all that hate: Steve Rogers sends Tony Stark a flip phone with only one number programmed into it, and attaches a note saying that no matter what happens, Stark can always call him if he needs help. It is that flip phone that Stark pulls out in Infinity War after Bruce Banner urges him to reassemble the Avengers in preparation for Thanos' arrival on Earth.