Three girl friends having best Capricorn season 2019.

If You're Any Of These 3 Signs, You Will Thrive During Capricorn Season

by Valerie Mesa

The winter season kicks off in the Northern Hemisphere upon the sun's shift into Saturn-ruled Capricorn. That means, come Dec. 21, you'll not only experience the winter solstice, you'll also experience the first day of Capricorn season 2019, which will be the best for these zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

The season of the mystical goat goes from Dec. 21, 2019 through Jan. 20, 2020. This celestial season is about self-reflection and spiritual renewal. Sitting directly opposite of Moon-ruled Cancer, the essence of Capricorn season is all about looking toward the future and planning ahead. What do you want your legacy to be about?

With a cluster of planets hovering over this cardinal earth sign — the sun, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node — the collective will likely experience an underlying sense of urgency to create a long-lasting future. Pluto is currently destroying the structures that no longer serve you, and Saturn is bringing the discipline in order for you to build something solid; Jupiter gives his blessing, Venus reminds you of your worth, and the sun is shedding light on this entire process taking place in the heavens. This season will be a major turning point, personally and collectively speaking.


Taurus: You're Ready To Start Something New

What's next on your bucket list, Taurus? The sun will join Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in your lucky ninth house of education, travel, expansion, and opportunity. Where are you traveling to in 2020? What are you publishing? Who knows, you might even decide to sign up for the course in the community college. You're getting your life in order, and you're ready to venture into unknown territory, especially after all that you've learned in the past year. This will be a pivotal time in your life, especially in regard to self-promotion and long-term goals. If you're an entrepreneur, this season could bring exciting business prospects, too.

Virgo: You're Nourishing Your Heart Center

What inspires you, Virgo? What makes you laugh? The sun will meet with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node via your expressive fifth house of art, romance, passion projects, and joy this season. If you've been working on a creative project, or perhaps falling in love with something that emotionally fulfills you, whether it be artistically or personally, you will be given a powerful prelude of what's to come in the upcoming year. Themes related to your happiness, inner child, and general authenticity will be top of mind, and with Uranus revolutionizing your beliefs, something tells me your brand aesthetic is in the midst of an interesting makeover.

Capricorn: You're Getting Closer To The Top Of The Mountain

Your solar return will be swirling with powerful transformation and life-changing opportunities that will bring you closer to your personal success. What have you willingly let go of in the past few months? You're shedding your snake skin and creating the long-lasting foundation your soul so desperately craves. If you've been struggling or feeling blue, things should start looking up. However, make sure you acknowledge where those emotions are stemming from, and whether it revolves around your relationships. Setting boundaries is a big theme for you right now, so no need to feel guilt about staying focused on your path, because this is your journey. Are you ready to do what it takes?