If You're Trying To Send Animojis From iPhone 8, You're Going To Have A Hard Time

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Remember the iPhone 8? You probably can't recall such an antiquated device since the out-of-this-world iPhone X was released mere weeks after the 8 hit the shelves. To up the ante, the iPhone X promised to deliver live emojis — better known as Animojis — so basically anything the 8 promised was long forgotten. People are starting to wonder if you can send Animojis from the iPhone 8, and there's a lot to know about the feature.

First thing's first, Animojis would not exist without the help of the iPhone X's Face ID. This system was implemented to do away with the iPhone's home button. Gone are the days where you have to plug in a six-digit code. Thanks to Face ID, all you need to do is sit there and look pretty, and the phone will unlock based on appearances (though it might be tricky for those who have an identical twin).

This revolutionary feature is not reserved for accessing the device. Face ID allows you to take your favorite emoji and bring it to life. You heard that correctly: the bunny, pup, panda, and even the poop can mimic your expressions thanks to Face ID. Honestly: What is communication without a confused pile of poo?

What an awesome way to express your emotions.

These babies are downright revolutionary.

So how do you bring these fellas to life? Go into your messages and decide who is in need of a smiling pup or a laughing unicorn. After you've chosen a text message strand to send to that special someone, select "Message Apps," which is a small blue icon that looks like an "A." You can find it right next to your camera, which will be to the left of you iMessage box. Next, select the Animoji icon. That's when the magic happens: Pick your favorite animal, record your expressions for 10 seconds, and send that funky alien on his way.

Are you one of those unlucky customers who preordered the iPhone 8... and then felt completely jealous that an even cooler, high-tech device was set to debut right after the 8? Yeah, talk about FOMO. While you were trying to figure out what case to purchase, techies were planning on how to start sending the Animojis with their iPhone X. It's definitely a jealousy-inducing thought.

So, is there some magical way you can send Animojis from an iPhone 8?

Technically, you can't... but there are loopholes. You are able to share Animojis via iMessage between any iOS and Mac devices, so non-iPhone X's aren't missing out on the animated fun. (In other other words, if you have an iPhone 8, you can receive Animojis, but sadly you cannot make or send them.)

If you have an iPhone X, you can also send Animojis to your friends who have phones that aren't running on iOS or Mac via MMS. You can even send your Animoji as a .MOV file if you save your Animoji to your camera roll. Told ya there were loopholes!

If that's sounding a little technical, you can simply send your Animoji as a sticker. To do so, you must follow the same steps you took when accessing the Animojis in the Message apps. Think of a funny face, hold down your Animoji of choice, and drag it to the text bubble once its locked. Then voila! It's all set and ready to go.

Messages are about to change forever. Here's to all that these kooky little animations have in store for us.

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