If You're An Identical Twin, There's Something You Should Know About iPhone X Face ID

It appears the techies at Apple have finally met their match: identical twins. When siblings offered to try out the new iPhone X, mixed results ensued, all thanks to a highly anticipated feature. Videos of twins using the iPhone X Face ID prove that the home button might not be so bad after all.

The chances of someone hacking into your X with facial ID is literally one in one million, according to Apple's September keynote address... but it seems those one in a million cases do exist. Face ID will replace the phone's signature home button and take security measures to new levels. In light of this new privacy method, Mashable decided to put the gadget to the test with the help of two sets of twins: MJ and Marc Franklin and Carlos and Alex Cadorniga. The brothers gave it a whirl... and that's when it happened.

Not only were the fellas allowed to gain access into their siblings' phones with Face ID, but they were able to do so twice. The device unlocked with ease, and soon private notes and text messages were up for grabs. The twins were wearing the same outfit, so it definitely wasn't easy to differentiate the two, even for the latest Apple product.

For both sets of twins, the phone unlocked when neither one of them registered their faces on the Face ID system. Then, the reporters switched it up with the Franklin twins, had them remove their glasses, and allowed only one to register. Still, however, Apple couldn't figure out which twin was which.

Just when you started to question your iPhone X preorder, fear not — other twins had the opposite results. Business Insider looked to 36-year-old twins Greg and Brian Fieber for assistance. These reporters took a different approach, though. One twin registered his face and then tried to fool the phone by dressing up with scarves, hats, and so on — but Apple unlocked every time. However, when his brother tried swiping in, it was a no go.

"I was pretty shocked that the iPhone X could really pick apart the details between me and my brother considering some of our own family members can’t tell us apart," Greg told Business Insider. "So, yeah, it was a pleasant surprise knowing that Brian can't break into my iPhone X and I can’t break into my brother's."

Don't sound the alarms just yet — the Face ID isn't a complete disappointment. After all, how else are you going to bring those emojis to life? Face ID also gives users the ability to make their favorite animated friends come to life, so that means 3-D emojis. Your favorite character will now be able to imitate your expressions thanks to this new tool. If you've been dying to get your overused panda emoji to come to life, your phone will be able to fulfill your wishes.

Have a look at the animoji magic for yourself and try not to get excited over this cool new possibility.

Although the iPhone X might have some kinks to sort out (and understandably so) there is still plenty to look forward to. According to a press release, the iPhone X features an "Super Retina display, A11 Bionic chip with neural engine for powerful machine learning, augmented reality and immersive 3D gaming experiences, wireless charging and Face ID, [and] an innovative and secure new way to unlock, authenticate and pay." Overall, it sounds pretty spiffy, so don't get too worried about Face ID... unless, of course, you have a nosy identical twin.

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