Here's Whether Or Not You Can Catch A Glimpse Of The Partial Lunar Eclipse

by Valerie Mesa

I sincerely believe the cosmos are the guardians of the galaxy, and while astrology and astronomy are two completely different practices, one cannot exist without the other. Imagine, if we were all tiny specs in an infinite universe, how on earth could any of us expect to see the partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16? First, know not all eclipses are exactly visible from earth. In fact, according to, only those located in South America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, and parts of Europe will be able to experience and see July's lunar eclipse phenomenon firsthand. So that doesn't exactly bode well for those of us in North America. Sorry.

According to NASA, an eclipse occurs when one body, such as a moon or planet, moves into the shadow of another. For instance, a solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and earth, which ultimately blocks the sunlight from reaching earth. A lunar eclipse, on the other hand, takes place when earth comes between the sun and the moon, which in turn blocks the sunlight from reaching the moon. In the case of July's partial lunar eclipse, this occurs when a part of the moon enters the earth's shadow, according to NASA.

Partial Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn: July 16, 2019

Eclipses always bring significant changes, so just because you won't be able to witness this partial lunar eclipse firsthand, it doesn't mean you won't experience its effects. (If you're looking for specific information on how this eclipse series will affect you, take a look at your birth chart and see which of the astrological houses belong to Cancer-Capricorn, which is where you'll likely experience a breakthrough of sorts during this eclipse.)

Eclipses occur when the sun is sitting close to the nodes of the moon, which are also known as the nodes of fate. With the North Node in sensitive Cancer, the universe is bringing you closer to your inner world and emotional truth. How do you nurture yourself? What brings you emotional comfort? It's no secret that with the South Node in structured Capricorn, alongside Saturn and Pluto, society is in the process of shedding its toxic masculinity and previously set structures (like, say, the patriarchy) that no longer serve its community.

The divine feminine, maternal energies, family matters, and all things related to the home front are top of mind during this time, and given that full moons are a time for harvest and spiritual completion, there's a good deal you can expect from this partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Think back to the new moon partial solar eclipse in Capricorn on Jan. 5. This lunar eclipse was not only equivalent to a cosmic culmination from the heavens, it was also the beginning of a brand new chapter, both for you personally and collectively.

January's new moon solar eclipse was conjunct both Saturn and Pluto, which sparked intense changes in your life but also helped you solidify your long-term goals. Gearing up for this eclipse, ask yourself what you've personally accomplished since January of this year. Success for a Capricorn consists of blood, sweat, and tears, so if you haven't been doing the work, you better start now.

With the upcoming eclipse, now is a good time to ask yourself if you've been you been thinking realistically about your goals, how committed you are to your success, and how you can build something long-lasting.