Camila Mendes Made It Official With Her Super Cute New Boyfriend & I'm Screaming

by Candice Jalili
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's officially summer, people! And you know what that means. For many people that means it's time to cut ties with any potential baes they might have been involved with earlier in the year... because, duh, cuffing season is over. But sometimes love is so strong that even the end of cuffing season can't pull you and the one you love apart. For example, Camila Mendes is dating Victor Houston and the summer weather seems to only bringing the two lovebirds closer together.

Who is Victor Houston, you ask? Allow me to explain. Well, according to E! Mendes just recently started dating Houston this summer. Yep, that's right. They're literally breaking all of the rules of cuffing season by STARTING a relationship in the summer and I absolutely love it.

But don't let the fact that they just started dating fool you. No, the pair actually go way back. You see, The Riverdale star has reportedly been friends with Houston since high school. Back in the day, he attended a school neighboring hers in Florida. In my head I'm imagining them as best friends who were clearly in love but refused to admit it to themselves which only made their relationship grow stronger and their feelings for each other get deeper... but there is, unfortunately, no source out there confirming this theory of mine.

E! reports that after reconnecting in New York, they've decided to take their friendship up a notch. And I am so here for it.

While many celeb couples try to keep their relationships on the DL and off of social media, Houston and Mendes are taking a page out of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's book by proudly posting all about their relationship all over social media.

Just two days ago, Houston posted an adorable selfie of him and his baethat he captioned, "Happy birthday beautiful." I mean, he's not wrong. She is beautiful. But can I just go on the record saying that he's not so bad himself, either? Seriously, guys. They are an extremely attractive couple.

And he didn't stop there! Yesterday Houston logged back onto Instagram to share another adorable selfie of the couple... this time on vacation in the Hamptons with a simple but perfectly romantic caption, "Baby."

And he's not the only one showing off their relationship on social media. On what seems to be the same day as the above post, Mendes posted a video to her Instagram story of herself fanning off and if you look just closely enough you can spot Houston sitting to her left because, duh, he's always by her side and they're obviously totally and completely in love.

I get it, I get it... no, seriously. As someone whose relationship started in the summer two years ago, I seriously get it. It's summer! Also known as the time where we're supposed to free ourselves from the chains of serious relationships. But... I mean, can we blame Mendes for giving into a relationship with this super hot guy who she's known forever (AKA liked her before the fame) and is clearly so totally in love with her and unafraid to show her off to the world?! I know I can't.

Congrats to Mendes on her newfound love and, also, you know, on being an extremely successful actress who has achieved more in her young life than many others ever will!

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