These Funnel Cake Fries With Powdered Sugar From Burger King Are A Tasty Twist On The Theme Park Staple

Courtesy of Burger King

Burger King is continuing to make that mid-January slump a little sweeter, thanks to a few new menu items that will trick your tastebuds into thinking it's patio season. Following in the footsteps of the fast food chain's new M&M's Vanilla Shake, Burger King’s new Funnel Cake Fries with powdered sugar are here to help you eat like you're at a summer fair — even if you're planning on hibernating on your couch until spring. Forget sweater weather, because these crispy, golden fried nuggets of goodness are serving up some major theme park vibes that I can definitely get on board with.

French fries are life, and I've always been pretty happy with the regular variety until I learned of Burger King's Funnel Cake Fries, which are launching at participating locations nationwide on Thursday, Jan. 24. Excuse me while I go cancel all lunch and dinner plans for the foreseeable future, because these treats are a game-changer. According to a Burger King rep, the theme park-inspired fries are made with real funnel cake batter, and they are just what you'd expect: "Hot, crispy, funnel cake goodness, fried sweet to crispy perfection and topped off with powdered sugar."

In other words, they're the sweet twist on the savory side you know and love, and they sound delicious AF. I'm not sure which genius dreamed up these drool-worthy bad boys, but I just want to say thank you for bringing the dreamy combination that I never knew I needed into the world.

Courtesy of Burger King

According to a Burger King rep, the Funnel Cake Fries are only available for a limited time, and they'll be retailing at about $1.99 for 9 pieces. Considering that a small size of the OG fries costs about $1.79, you're not getting quite as much bang for your buck with the new menu item, but it's well worth it, IMHO. I mean, is paying about 22 cents per fry worth it to treat yourself to a handful of these golden fried, powder sugar-topped snacks?

Honestly, I'd probably plan on ordering more than one order of these fries at the get-go, because you're not going to waste any time having to go back to the counter and order seconds (or fourths).

Another reason I'm so excited about these powder sugar-sprinkled bad boys is that they sound like the perfect accompaniment to Burger King's new M&Ms Vanilla Shake, no ketchup needed. TBH, I was a little wary about dipping my regular salty fries in the sweet confection, but the combination of Funnel Cake Fries and a vanilla milkshake bursting with all the M&Ms you could want sounds like pure magic for anyone's sugar cravings.

Courtesy of Burger King

Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever, and both the M&Ms Shake and the Funnel Cake Fries are only sticking around for a limited time. It may be freezing out, but let's be real: Gifting your tastebuds with the childhood flavors you know and love from state fairs and amusement parks is well worth getting yourself out of hibernation mode and to your nearest BK location ASAP.