This Vanilla Shake With M&M’s Chocolate Candies From Burger King Is For M&M Lovers

Courtesy of Burger King

IMHO, every season is ice cream season, whether you're soaking in some sun poolside or attempting to stay warm with a Netflix 'n chill night on your couch. It might be freezing outside right now, but sometimes treating yourself to a pint of sweet creamy goodness during the dead of winter is weirdly the only thing that helps make the countdown to spring a little more bearable. Case in point: Burger King’s Vanilla Shake with M&M’s Chocolate Candies is the chain's newest soft-serve treat to come into our lives, and the multi-colored candy confection is basically an M&M lover's dream in a glass. Grab an extra sweater (or two), because this icy creation looks like it's worth the extra chill.

Over the weekend, the purveyors of all things burgers continued to troll arch-nemesis McDonald's with their own sweet take on a McFlurry with M&Ms. Burger King took to its Instagram account with a tantalizing photo of the sweet treat topped with some serious whipped cream and a real AF caption that shows that they totally get me.

They wrote:

when you really just want to pour a bag of M&M’S in your mouth, but want soft serve, too. we got you. introducing the M&M’S shake.

Yes, it's peak sweater weather outside, and yet, I'm willing to brave a brain freeze to get my hands on this bad boy.

At first glance, the chunks of colorful M&M's look like oversized sprinkles, giving the shake a birthday cake-esque appearance. However, according to the Burger King menu, the brightly-hued treat is actually a hand spun Vanilla Shake topped with the chocolate candies you know and love. Per the item description, BK's newest shake starts with smooth and creamy Vanilla Soft Serve, then infused with a mix of colorful M&M’S Chocolate Candies and vanilla syrup to give you that potent mixture of vanilla and chocolate flavors that never gets old. The shake is then topped with a sweet whipped cream topping for a sugar high that'll keep you going even on the gloomiest January days.

Courtesy of Burger King

Seriously, though, where has this been my whole life?

Unfortunately, it looks like the M&M’S Shake will only be offered for a limited time at participating locations, according to the Instagram post. A Burger King rep told Elite Daily that the shake will be retailing for $3.39 and it will only be available "while supplies last," which makes me think that it won't be sticking around for two long.

However, considering that the fast food chain offers an Oreo Shake, an Oreo Chocolate Shake, a Hershey's Chocolate Shake, and other frozen treats inspired by your favorite candies full-time, I'm crossing my fingers that they reconsider the whole limited-edition thing and make this simple yet delicious combination a permanent fixture in our lives.

In the meantime, you can make your BK run a little sweeter by heading to your closest drive-thru and ordering one (or five) of these bad boys with a side of Cini Minis because January is rough, y'all. Your tastebuds will thank you.