You Can Get Pumpkin Spice Wings At Buffalo Wild Wings & Twitter Has Thoughts

Courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

Let's talk about pumpkin spice. Many deem it "basic," due to its undying popularity, but regardless of its reputation, I'm shamelessly a sucker for it. And whether you like it, love it, or totally hate it, you have to admit that pumpkin spice was quite literally made for seasonal drinks, cakes, breads, and all kinds of snack foods. Fans have even started experimenting with integrating pumpkin into savory foods, like chicken wings. Most recently, Buffalo Wild Wings' Pumpkin Spice Wings debuted at BBW restaurants, and like most things, they have Twitter completely divided.

When you think of the popular chicken wing chain, Buffalo Wild Wings, giant, steaming plates of chicken wings marinating in classic barbecue or spicy Buffalo sauce most likely come to mind. Starting Oct. 1 through Oct. 31, however, diners at all Buffalo Wild Wings locations can order BBQ Pumpkin Ale Sauce wings, according to a press release, and to be completely honest, I'm all about it. Yes, you heard that correctly, and since they're only around until the end of the month, I would definitely recommend going there ASAP and ordering some for yourself, before it's too late. They'll be gone before you know it.

As you would probably imagine, not all chicken wing lovers are totally into the idea of pumpkin-flavored wings. I mean, don't get me wrong — pumpkin is totally and utterly delicious with all different kinds of sweet foods. Many, however, firmly believe that some combinations just aren't meant to be, and that this happens to be one of them.

Several out there in the vast, chicken-lovin' Twitterverse, on the other hand, are all about the idea of Buffalo Wild Wings' BBQ Pumpkin Ale chicken wings. Pumpkin provides foods with a delicious fall flavor, and chicken wings are hella tasty on their own... so, why not combine the two, and make the greatest food combination on the face of the planet? Honestly, I'm so about this logic, it's not even funny.

If Buffalo Wild Wings' BBQ Pumpkin Ale chicken wings have you craving even more pumpkin-flavored foods, don't fret — in fact, I can totally relate. But, you should also probably check out each of these other pumpkin spice-flavored foods, which you probably didn't even know existed. Between pumpkin spice-flavored pretzels, apple sauce, Twinkies, oatmeal, Frosted Flakes, peanut butter, and — wait for it — cookie butter, each seasonal pumpkin spice-flavored snack sounds absolutely magical, and straight-up delicious in their own way. Seriously, I can't get enough of it.

So, where do you stand on BBQ Pumpkin Ale Wings? Are you a big fan of the idea, or is it too much pumpkin spice for your fall-loving heart to handle? Regardless if it's up your alley, or if you'd rather go for classic Buffalo wings, you have to admit that it's a hella creative idea, and that they're undeniably intriguing. I, for one, ship it, and merely talking about them is making me famished. TBH, I could probably go for a plate of them right about now.