Here's How To Get Dragon Fire Wings From BWW For A Spicy 'GOT' Premiere Snack

Courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

I'm officially at the point where I'm counting down the seconds until the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere on Sunday, April 14 — and I know I'm not alone. Not only are countless people gearing up for the opening episode of the final season, but dozens of brands, companies, and restaurants are getting in on the fun too. One of these GOT-inspired restaurants includes one of everyone's favorite restaurant/sports bar chains, Buffalo Wild Wings. Even though winter is here to cool down Westeros, Buffalo Wild Wings' Game of Thrones-inspired sauce, Dragon Fire, is also here to burn our mouths.

In an official announcement on Wednesday, April 10, Buffalo Wild Wings revealed a limited-time menu addition to its wing sauce lineup, the Dragon Fire sauce. Dragon Fire is exactly what it sounds like: It's a mix of chili peppers, ghost peppers, soy, and ginger sauce, and the Dragon Fire wings are topped with jalapeño garnish. With so much spice built into the recipe, you don't even have to say "Dracarys" to activate the fire.

According to the Buffalo Wild Wings announcement, the sauce will be available for one day only on Sunday, April 14. Fans can purchase the wings from a BWW location near them by dining in or ordering takeout from the Buffalo Wild Wings app or website.

Courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

Just want to snag the spicy concoction? You can order the Dragon Fire sauce exclusively through DoorDash on Sunday, April 14, according to the official announcement.

If you and your friends are going all-out for the Game of Thrones premiere and you need more Thrones-themed snacks to supplement your Dragon Fire wings, I've got good news for you. For a sweet treat to pair with the spicy wings, stock up on limited edition, Game of Thrones-themed Oreos. While the recipe of the cookies remains the same, there's one vital difference. Each cookie design features a different GoT reference: a dragon to represent the Targaryens, a wolf to represent thee Starks, a lion to represent the Lannisters, and a White Walker to represent utter death and destruction, obviously.

All those cookies and wings need to be washed down with something, right? Enter limited edition Game of Thrones-themed Mountain Dew, but don't expect the bright green can of dew you're used to. Mountain Dew's Game of Thrones can is called "A Can Has No Name," a reference to Arya Stark's time in Braavos and the fact that when the can is at room temperature, it's completely blank. After you stick "A Can Has No Name" in the fridge or in a bucket of ice to chill, something truly magical happens: the can changes colors to reveal Arya's kill list. Pretty cool, right? Although, this was a limited-edition giveaway, so you might have to stock regular Dew at your premiere party.

Last but not least, every good viewing party needs a good boozy beverage. Luckily for fans, a New York-based brewery named Ommegang released a beer nationwide called "For The Throne" and it looks seriously delicious. With flavors of sweet malt and honeydew, this 9.5 percent ABV drink is the perfect way to get a little tipsy. Take a big sip every time someone says "winter," "dragons," or "white walkers" and you'll probably be more than just tipsy by the end of the first episode.

When you play the Game of Thrones you win or you die, so let's just have some tasty fun along the way.