BTS' V's Had The Sweetest Reaction To Choi Woo Shik's Oscar Win


The 2020 Oscars have come and gone, but they're going to be talked about for years to come. The award show was full of surprise performances, moving speeches, and a history-making win for Parasite, the first non-English movie to win Best Picture at the Oscars. Over on Twitter, fans, including BTS' V, couldn't help but praise the movie's director and lead actor. BTS' V's tweet about Bong Joon Ho and Choi Woo Shik's Oscar win is full of pride.

Emotions ran high for all of those involved with the South Korean thriller when they took the stage to accept the award on Sunday, Feb. 9. Parasite was in good company, nominated alongside other critically acclaimed movies like 1917, Ford v Ferrari, Joker, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Marriage Story, The Irishman, Little Women, and Jojo Rabbit.

Bong's acceptance speech for Best Director was full of heart. He said:

Thank you. After winning best international feature, I thought I was done for the day and was ready to relax. Thank you so much. When I was young and studying cinema, there was a saying that I carved deep into my heart, which is that 'The most personal is the most creative.' That quote is from our great Martin Scorsese. When I was in school, I studied Martin Scorsese's films. Just to be nominated was a huge honor. I never thought I would win.

And V was just as excited for Bong and his close friend Choi Woo Shik's historic wins, taking to Twitter to congratulate them, writing, "Director Bong Joon-ho I reallyreallyreally for real really congratulate you."

V playfully called out Choi for shedding a tear while Bong was speaking, adding the hashtag, "#WooshikSsiISawYouWipeYourTears." But it was all in good fun, as V and the boys of BTS know about the emotions that come with getting well-deserved recognition at international award shows. BTS made history at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards when they won for Top Duo/Group in 2019.

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Parasite won four Oscars: Best Foreign Language film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Picture, and, of course, Bong was honored with the award for Best Director.

Considering V and Choi recently met up in L.A. to have a chill sesh, something tells me Bong and Choi will catch wind of V's praise.