BTS' Tweets For V's Birthday Are Filled With Sweet Wishes & Memorable Moments

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nobody parties like the BTS boys party. To celebrate the second-youngest member's birthday, the boys of the world-famous K-pop group tweeted sweet messages to help band member Kim Taehyung, commonly known by his stage name V, ring in his 23rd birthday on Dec. 30, 2018. Seriously, BTS' tweets for V's birthday show that V's partners in K-pop absolutely adore him and want him to have the sweetest birthday yet!

In the BTS-verse, V is known for his deep, sensual vocals, and his powerful, dreamy on-stage performances. According to Korean pop culture site Soompi, V has also dabbled in acting. He appeared in a Korean television drama called Hwarang and is the only member of BTS who has experience in both the acting and musical worlds. Another fun fact about V? According to Billboard, the K-pop star was almost a farmer. If V hadn't broken into the world of performance, he would have likely gone into his family farming business, which is really wild to think about.

As soon as it was Dec. 30 in South Korea, which is 14 hours ahead of the U.S. Eastern time zone, all of the BTS boys tweeted out special, personalized birthday messages from the official BTS twitter for V in honor of his 23rd birthday.

Jin tweeted a message, which translated from Korean to English, per Google Translate, roughly says, "Our Taehyung, happy birthday is a very cool fashion," along with a photo of V:

J-Hope posted the sweetest pictures of him and the birthday boy, along with the message, translated from Korean to English, read, "My brother, Taehyung, is celebrating his birthday."

RM drew an adorable lopsided heart that he tweeted out with a special birthday message, which translated from Korean to English, read, "Taehyung, happy birthday."

Jimin also posted a message with some pictures. According to Soompi, his translated birthday message said, “Our Taehyung, happy birthday. You worked hard this year too. I want to upload an embarrassing photo, but if I do hahahahaha it seems like you won’t want to see me again so hahahahaha."

Jungkook posted a 23-second video of V showing off some killer dance moves, and he wrote, translated from Korean to English, "Happy birthday to Mr. Taehyung."

And Suga kept things simple with a simple message which, according to Google translate said something very different from what Suga actually wrote, which was along the lines of, "Take a look at me sleeping at 11 o'clock. Happy birthday Taehyung-ah!"

BTS fans, also known as ARMY, also took to Twitter to wish the star a happy birthday and drop their favorite pictures, moments, and memories relating to V. The fan messages ranged from simple "happy birthday" notes to long, heartfelt messages like, one from Twitter user @Mouchouaru that said, "Happy birthday to our artistic soul. I love you for everything you are and I hope you'll have an easier year than the last. No matter what you do, you deserve all the love for being the kind and sensible man that you are. Thank you for being you."

The BTS boys and ARMY aren't the only people celebrating V's birthday. According to Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times, V's fans made a meaningful donation of coal briquettes to help families who can't afford coal keep warm in the winter. The fan group said it was done to commemorate V's birthday and 1,230 briquettes went to Daegu and another 1,200 went to Geochang — both places where V spent time during his childhood.

With this massive outpouring of love from his bandmates and fans, it's clear V will have a vibrant 23rd birthday celebration no matter what.