BTS on the red carpet all wearing similar black tuxedos

BTS' Adorably Awkward TBTs For Their 6th Anniversary Will Make You LOL

by Hollee Actman Becker
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Do y'all know what today is? It's June 13 (duh!) and that means it's been exactly six years since BTS got its start. Congrats, boys! In order to celebrate the big anniversary, ARMYs have taken to Twitter to share their favorite fan art, video clips, and throwback pics of RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook using the hashtag #6YearsWithOurHomeBTS. The septet must have been loving all the memories, because they decided to get in on the action and start tweeting out a bunch of fetus pics of their own. Have you seen BTS' tweets for their 6th anniversary yet? You really need to, because the commemorative #TBTs are all sorts of amazing and this is truly the best day ever for ARMYs.

I mean, there is just so much for BTS to celebrate. The boys made their debut on June 13, 2013, and in just six years they’ve gone on to achieve global superstardom and success. They recently had their third No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with their mini album "Map of the Soul: Persona." They presented at the 2019 Grammy Awards. And they became the first Korean artists to perform at venues like Wembley Stadium during their worldwide Love Yourself: Speak Yourself stadium tour.

Can you even blame them for wanting to take a trip down memory lane?

The Twitter celebration kicked off with a video post from J-Hope (he's the only one not in the clip, so he was probs the one behind the camera) of the group grilling up some eats while away on some kind of trip together (possibly in Busan, Korea, where they're having their Muster celebration this weekend?). The captain read, simply, "Trip" and then included the hashtags "BTS’s sixth anniversary, I purple you" and "HBD BTS."

Check it out:

Next up: A video from Jimin that featured 107 seconds worth of memories from the BTS tour, including the boys rehearsing, hanging out backstage, and performing live.

"Thank you for wishing us a happy birthday,” Jimin wrote in the tweet. "I prepared a small gift too."

Take a look:

Jin posted a shot of himself on stage in a red hat with Suga. The caption read: "Happy birthday to BTS from Seokjinnie and the 6 babies, I love you."

He also posted a close up of his face and wrote: "A heart for our ARMYs as well."

So sweet!

Jungkook shared a video clip where he stares intensely at the camera and stage-whispers "Busan," which is the name of his (and Jimin's) hometown and where the boys are kicking off their Muster concerts this weekend right in time for BTS' 6th anniversary. It's giving me all sort of ASMR vibes.

And, finally, RM shared not one but two tweets that featured a whole bunch of amazing throwback pics.

There was this one — with the caption "6th Anniversary Celebration!!!!!!" — where the boys look like they're hanging in their old practice room in their "No More Dream" days. Can someone explain to me why they're holding random household appliances in that first one?

Fans are convinced that's RM in the chair holding the camera, BTW.

Check it out:

He also shared another set of four pics that featured a black-and-white shot of the whole young crew, one of the rap line, a black-and-white solo shot of himself, and a group shot with an emoji covering Suga's face for some reason.

Luckily, one ARMY decided to fix it:

Thank you, RM, for these eight throwback gems.

Honestly, these posts just remind me how adorable the boys were, how much they still are, and what an incredible journey it's been.

Happy 6th Birthday, BTS. I purple all of this!